The bet: week 12

What is the point of trying? I am feeling a bit like Gus, the world is against us and it may be time to give up. Two parlays go belly up, one because the Vikings can’t beat the lowly Lions and the other because Josh Allen can’t force Mac to whip out his cannon and score 40 points for the over to hit. Damn. And to top it off, Ryan nailed his bet because the Colts obliterated the Texans. The only thing keeping me going is the Pats are good and the Bills are crushing dreams one disappointing game after another!

Josh: $-110. Ryan: $-15.61. Neither of us are like, doing well. Moonshots only for myself from here on out. Ryan is staying the course and who can blame him?

Josh Parlay 1: $8 to profit $38.95

SEA -6.5 @ HOU
LVR @ KC -2.5
NYG @ LAC -2.5

Josh Parlay 2: $2 to profit $144.74

SEA -8.5 @ HOU
NO -5.5 @ NYJ
NYG @ LAC -6.5
DET +10.5 @ DEN
BUF @ TB -3.5
CHI @ GB -6.5

Ryan: $10 to profit $9.09

DAL -5 @ WAS

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