the bet: week 16

Wow, what a season of ineptitude by yours truly. Not only did I disappoint GT by failing to post for the previous two weeks, I am 1/15 on my parlays in this competition (fuck Alabama). The current standings are not pretty. I am down 103.05 and Ryan is down 17.43. Gambling is harder than it looks, but I am not out of this.

My current predicament gave me few options. I assumed Ryan would use that big head of his and bet a 3-4 leg parlay with a payout of $30-$50 in order to hedge against me getting lucky this week. As a result, I went for it all. a 7-leg parlay with all $10 at +1962. Ryan went the other way and stuck with a single bet. Being an honest man, I did not drop a leg and stuck to my guns. Let’s pray for a comeback of the ages.*

Josh Parlay: $10 to profit $196.26

KC -6.5 @ DEN
GB -3.5 @ DET
IND -9.5 @ JAX
TEN -6.5 @ HOU
NYJ @ BUF -6.5
CAR @ TB -2.5
LAC -3 @ LVR

Ryan: $10 to profit $9.09:

DAL -4 @ PHI

*Side note, there is a silver lining. This blog could not come at a better time. On this blessed day, we can now bet freely in New York: the chains have been lifted. By being forced to face my losses I may change my ways and not bet 10-leg parlays. Maybe I will follow Sacko’s advice and “bet smart.” Doubtful, but maybe.

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