Wasted Experts

Week 2 is in the books. We had a couple onlookers realize how much fun we were having and wanted to join in. Welcome Steve and Cait. Because it is only week 2, we allowed Steve and Cait to make two sets of picks to catch up, so we get some bonus content this week. Let’s take a look at the results. Spoiler alert, we still suck.

Week 2 Results

Ryan Josh Nick Cait GregDonJasonKeeganSteve
CLE -6LV -6IND -3.5CIN -8CIN -7CIN -7BAL -3.5LAR -10TB -2.5
WSH +2.5LAC +4.5WSH +1.5MIN +2.5MIN +2.5PIT +2LAC +4.5LAC +4LAC +4
BAL o44.5JAX o46.5DAL o41.5NO o44BUF o48GB o41.5MIN o51.5LVR o51.5BUF o48
LV u51.5NO u44GB u42CLE u40SF u41KC u54PIT u40.5PIT u40.5PIT u40.5

Steve and Cait Extra Picks

Steve Cait
BAL -3.5 CLE -6
MIN +2 CHI +10
SF o41NYG o43
JAX u45JAX u46.5

It was a rough week for most of us except for Keegan who had a great bounce back week after going 1-3 last week, and Steve who experienced a little bit of beginner’s luck. Our current standings heading into week 3:

1.) Steve 4-3-1
2.) Ryan 4-4
3.) Don 4-4
4.) Josh 4-4
5.) Keegan 4-4
6.) Jason 2-6
7.) Greg 1-5-2
8.) Nick 1-6-1
9.) Cait 1-7

It is early in the season, and I am sure we will catch our stride. Our team of experts will look to prove we are smarter than Vegas here in week 3. Here we go:

Week 3 Picks

Ryan JoshNickCaitGregDonJasonKeegan Steve
BAL -3KC -6.5KC -5.5KC -5.5KC -5.5KC -5.5KC -5.5KC -5.5BUF -5.5
ATL +2ATL +2DET +6PIT +4.5HOU +2.5ATL +1TEN +1.5GB +1DET +6
TB o41.5NE o43.5TEN o45.5CLE o38MIA o52.5CLE o38WSH o47.5MIA o52.5TB o42
MIN u52.5MIN u52.5DEN u45MIN u52.5SEA u42DEN u45NYG u39.5SEA u42CIN u46

Good luck all!

Love, Blockhead

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