Blockhead of the Week: Week 2

This week’s Blockhead of the Week was an easy decision. I appreciate it when people make my job easy. It only took two weeks for one of us to start an injured player. That’s right, David Keegan (Fuck the Process) started Leonard Fournette even though he was almost guaranteed to miss week 2 with a hamstring injury.


The coaching decisions made by Keegan this week guaranteed Greg an easy win. Can’t expect anything else from a lifelong Bills fan.  Two roster moves and Keegan would have a week 2 win, putting him at 1-1. Instead, he is 0-2 and is looking like an early lock to miss playoffs. This weeks power rankings have him sitting in 9th place.

Congratulations are in order, however, as Keegs is the first to win Blockhead of the Week and Plunger of the Week in the same week. Let’s hope Keegan can put in a little more effort in a tight match up against Leff.

Live look at Keegan preparing for his week 3 match up.

That’s it for this week’s Blockhead of the Week. Can’t wait to see which moron will fuck up next!

Yours Truly,


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