Guster’s Guarantees


Welcome to Wasted Talent’s newest segment where each week (or when I happen to feel like posting) I will bestow my proprietary best handicaps of the week upon my blessed followers.

Now before I give up the goods that you are all begging to get your hands on so badly, let me tell you why I have decided to be so generous. The truth is that its lonely at the top and I think sharing the wealth with some of my pals will help clear my conscience which has been weighing on me each week as I stack win after win while keeping all of the profits to myself. Well “Generous Guster” has officially arrived and has opened up the piggy bank to the lucky disciples of Wasted Talent.

Perhaps some of you are questioning, who the hell does this guy think he is? I’ll tell you who I am – face of the Bergen Record front page article in May of 2010 titled “Its Definitely an Addiction”. But you know what I say to that article? It ain’t an addiction when you win, its a business! As many of you know I’ve long had a fascination with gambling and while I experience cold streaks from time to time, I always stay in the green over the long run. So either get on the money train with me or buy a fucking lottery ticket and cross your fingers.

*disclaimer: Guster’s Guarantees is not liable for any wagers lost in relation to any suggestions made during this segment*
Week 7 College Picks

 Penn State -11.5 vs Michigan State

Under 74 Missouri @ Alabama

Iowa State +7 vs West Virginia

Oregon +3 vs Washington

LSU +7.5 vs Georgia


Week 6 NFL Picks

PIT +2.5 @ CIN

DEN +7 vs LAR

JAC -3 @ DAL

IND +2.5 @ NYJ

ATL -3 vs TB

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