Guster’s Guarantees


7-3!!! Now that is how you get it started!

Hello to all of the loyal fat wallet followers of Guster’s Guarantees – I hope you all spent your winnings from this past weekend foolishly. For everyone else who was too skeptical to ride with Gus, ill say this – scared money don’t make money. It was a marvelously profitable week after hitting on several really close nail-biters but in the end it don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, the money is just as green.

I’m sure that there are still going to be some haters out there who will say it was a lucky week (I C U DONALD) but that don’t phase me one bit. The only question is how much money they’ll leave on the table before they realize this train ain’t slowing down.

I had so much fun winning this weekend I thought it would be good to recap how we got here –

Saturday NCAAF: Penn state was the lone loser on the day who I was counting on being hungry and playing well off of a bye and a bad loss to Ohio State the week before, but sometimes you just get it wrong. Thankfully that was the only bad news on Saturday. LSU and Iowa State were able to cover comfortably, with Alabama/Missouri slowing down the early scoring rush, as anticipated. Oregon was the most challenging handicap of the day but thanks to a huge missed field goal at the end of regulation by Washington, the Ducks were able to pull out the W in OT. Not a bad day at all, 4-1.

Sunday NFL: The two misses on Sunday were attributed to the oh so undervalued New York Jets (I can live with this) giving a beating to the Colts at Metlife and Cleveland who was pushed around by the Chargers at home. Chargers have been shaky this year with a banged up defense, so I was expecting the Browns to keep it close at home. In the early window we were able to cover both of these losses with late and tight covers by the Steelers and Falcons. The Steelers always travel well to Ohio and find a way to take care of Cincy as expected and the Falcons were able to nail a huge late field goal from 57 out to put us back in the green. I was fairly surprised when Dan Quinn decided to kick the field goal instead of punting so late in the game, but I guess that’s what happens when you don’t trust your defense. We’ll take the win on that one. At this point we are sitting comfortably at 6-3 going into the last game of the weekend – Denver who was getting a touchdown at home against the Rams. A tough fought game that the Rams were able to hold onto was just what the doctor ordered and we tied a bow on a pristine 7-3 weekend.

Before I move on to my picks for this week I’d like to re iterate my gambling mantra – we will have our up weeks and we will have our down weeks, but over the course of a full season we will finish on top. So don’t get skittish after a bad week, double down because a good week is right around the corner. ALL ABOARD!!!

*disclaimer: Guster’s Guarantees is not liable for any wagers lost in relation to any suggestions made during this segment*

Week 8 College Picks

NC State +17 @ Clemson

Ole Miss +3.5 vs Auburn

Washington State -2.5 vs Oregon

LSU -7 vs Mississippi State

Iowa -9.5 vs Maryland


Week 7 NFL Picks

CAR +4.5 @ PHI

IND -7.5 vs BUF

BAL -2.5 vs NO

WAS -1.5 vs DAL

NYG +5.5 @ ATL

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