Matchup of the Week: Week 7

Well I tried to get this done by one of my interns but he never returned my emails so here we go. This weeks matchup of the week is a battle of two men who clearly want to have relations with each other, if they haven’t already. Loser posts their girlfriends nudes in the group!

Ryan vs. Jordan

This game got off to an unexpected and explosive start on Thursday. Jordan’s prayers to the Goddess of Navalore paid off in a huge way by putting up nearly a 50 spot on a Ryan’s supple ass. What is in store for these two squads the rest of the week?

This whole week hinges on one thing, Quarterback play. If Darnold can turn it around against a supposedly stout Minnesota pass defense he will surely lead Jordan to a black Sunday to remember. On the flip side, rolling the dice on Darnold this week may spell disaster for Jordan. Ryan is going to be consistent across the board as usual but not much in the way of breakout performances. Keep an eye on AJ Green against a porous Kansas City defense this week in an attempt to overcome Jordan’s absolute Dong Show on Thursday.


Jordan 131.8 Ryan 132.3

This one is going to be a barn burner folks.

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