Not Your Father’s Power Rankings Week 10

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The Playoff Race is Heating Up!

There is Jason, and then there is everyone else.  This week showed that the league is much tighter than anticipated.  Seven teams are realistically vying for the bottom 5 playoff spots and these last few weeks are bound to be extremely intriguing.

This week we saw Donald pull out a narrow victory despite my squad of misfit toys putting together the 3rd highest score of the week.  The Cum Rivers were able to pull out a victory due to impeccable play from their defense, holding an opponent to under 100 points for the first time in what seems like a decade.  Anomalies were abundant this week but I have a feelings that these surprises may become more consistent in the final weeks.  Later this week I will be putting out a “Playoff Predictions” blog breaking down exactly how I see the last 4 weeks of the season playing out.  For now we are going to get back to the basics and give you our classic Power Rankings.

1.) Ninjew    (8-1)

Not much needs to be said here #FuckKeegan.

2.) Josh, our fearless leader (6-3)

Josh regains his spot just under Jason due to a few factors. First being the 4 Steelers players Josh has started each of the past 2 weeks have averaged him 90.15 points per game.  Secondly, GT’s sub 100 point week forced me to bump him down in the rankings.  Josh could be over taken in the next 4 weeks but if the Steelers keep rolling, I don’t know if that happens.

3.) Don McCann (6-3)

WHAT!? How is this possible!? Well I will tell you how, FACTS don’t care about your feelings! The FACTS are that Donald is 6-3 and put up the second most points for last week.  Julio Jones scored a touchdown, FACT. George Kittle is the only relevant player in all of San Francisco FACT. Donald is still less athletic than the rest of our league FACT. Congrats on the recognition Don, don’t make me look stupid please.

4.)  GT (5-4)

Yes GT was under 100 points last week but he was missing the Neck Beard, David Johnson, TY Hilton, Sony Michel AND Tyler Boyd.  With that crew back, especially Boyd filling in as WR1 for the Bengals for at least the next 2 weeks be prepared for Greg to pick up where he left off in Week 8.

5.) Jordan and the Batmans (4-5)

I am not going to lie to you I actually wrote out a couple sentences for Ryan in this slot, but then I looked at his team.  I will address that later.  The Batmans may be on a 2 game losing streak but that doesn’t mean his stock isn’t on the rise.  Jordan would have beaten half of the league last week and he finally has Dez back, Demaryius in a new situation, and Christian McCaffrey firing on all cylinders. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jordan get hot with his new additions.

6.) The Cum Rivers (4-5)

Yes I was going to put Ryan at 5 but hear me out.  He has AJ Green out, Chris Carson probably out, Stefon Diggs out, Marlon Mack banged up, and not many viable options on his bench.  I hate to say it but for Ryan to get into the playoffs he needs to get these guys back and quick.  The two game win streak is in jeopardy this week against Team Braun.

7.) Don Eaves (4-5)

Every single time I look at this dudes lineup I instantly think I am looking at a 6-3 team at least.  For some reason these boys just cannot put it together and I don’t understand. Who knows, maybe this ranking will inspire these boys like it did for the other Don.

8.) Zeglen’s Mahomies (4-5)

He definitely doesn’t read these and probably is still mad I left my softball bat in my trunk when I went to the Dirty Buff but oh well.  This team is up and down but Barkley and Mahomes are just too dangerous to count out.  Watch your asses and dicks the rest of the way because they could just go on a tear.

9.) Leff Daddy (2-7)

In the last 4 weeks I have scored more points than Josh and I have 1 win to show for it #FeelsBadMan.  Dalvin Cook looks to be back just in time for me to miss the playoffs so that is nice.  See you boys next season.

10.) Keegs (2-7)

Almost 140 points and a dub! The kid is on fire! Unfortunately it is going to take a little more than two 140 point weeks to rise out of the depths of the league.  Reminder: You could have Zeke, Gurley, Devante, and Kamara. Bone head.

That’s all for this week.  I for one am excited for the late season stretch, who will be the final 6?


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