Guster’s Guarantees

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Sorry fellas gonna need a tardy slip this for this weeks winners. I suppose I got a little caught up enjoying the fruits of my labor, but alas I am clocking back in at the 11th hour to deliver some Sunday winners for the Guster faithful.

While I am not expecting any of you to pat me on the back I would be amiss to not share how my picks for CFB panned out this week:

Syracuse -21 vs Louisville – WIN

Ohio State -4 @ Michigan State – WIN

Penn State -8 vs Wisconsin – WIN

Pittsburgh -3 vs Virginia Tech – WIN

Georgia Tech -3 vs Miami – WIN

SHEESH! Thats a lot of green! (FYI screenshots of bet slips were disclosed to the Wasted Talent GroupMe) I actually do feel badly that I left you all out on the chance to go 5-0 with me but you know what, sometimes I just get to keep those Ws all to myself. Sorry, not sorry.

Despite my urge to add all 5 of those to my running record, I will do the noble thing and leave them out since I didn’t get this post out beforehand. We went 3-2 on both College and Pros last week bringing the record to 24-16 after 4 weeks. Lets get to the NFL picks:

Week 10 NFL Picks

DET +7 @ CHI

PHI -7 vs DAL

CIN +6 vs NO

SEA +10 @ LAR

NYG +3 @ SF

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