Not Your Father’s Power Rankings: Week 11


Finally, Keegan, Ryan and I have been put out of our misery like Lennie was in Of Mice and Men.  We looked on gleefully all season preparing for the best, not knowing that our demise would come in brutal fashion.  For myself and Ryan it came in the form of sub 90 point weeks to really solidify the trash that we are.  Point taken fantasy gods, were going to have to take a certain former stripper to Paris if we ever wish to be back in the good graces of the football deities.  Keegan on the other hand, was dealt a brutal blow by putting up a 3rd straight 140+ point week en route to being the 4th highest scorer this week only to be struck down by our merciless ruler.  Either way it looks like 3 teams are locked into the sacko playoffs and the fight for the 4th spot is heating up.

This week we polled our experts again to produce our Not Your Father’s Power Rankings.  One expert was quoted as saying “The race for the last playoff spots is way tighter than Naomi’s asshole.” While this statement is completely true, those parameters aren’t exactly tough to beat.  Our experts had a few predictions to go along with their rankings this week.  We were able to obtain this statement from one of our managers. “Josh has the firepower to be deemed a super team, especially with 4 Steelers players from a great offense. But coaching will be his downfall like always.” Another was also caught saying that The Cum Rivers are the “Jizz Cookie of the Relevant Teams”.  With all of these inflammatory statements  being thrown around, one expert had only this to say….


Below are your Week 11 Power Rankings 

1) Jason (4)
2) Josh (8)
3) GT (13)
T4) Jordan (19)
T4) Don Eaves (19)
6) Zeglen (22)
7) Ryan (28)
8) Don McCann (32)
9) Keegan (35)
10) Leffler (40)

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