Why we are thankful…

Happy Thanksgiving Gents!

Today is a day filled with family, friends, food and most importantly of all, Football. We have a slate of 3 games that means just as much to fantasy owners as it does to NFL teams. I am going to highlight a player in each game that I think their fantasy owners will be extra thankful for today.

Game 1: Bears at Lions

This game doesn’t have much in way of offensive fire power with the Bears young stud QB Mitch The Bitch out with a shoulder injury. I have honed in on Jordan’s squad and decided to make a decision that he didn’t have to between Tarik Cohen and Jordan Howard. Both of these guys have been productive all season, rarely at the same time however. Today I see Tarik helping Chase Daniel establish the pass but Jordan Howard , as usual will be the cuck his is and put away two 1 yard rushing touchdowns today.

Prediction: Jordan Howard

14 Rushes 61 Yards 2 TD 1 Catch 4 Yards

Game 2: Redskins at Cowboys

This game could determine the winner of the NFC East. If the Cowboys can get on a roll after this week they could make noise in the playoffs. This game also features few fantasy studs aside from Ezekiel Elliott. The difference maker will come from the Cowboys but it will not be Zeke, it will be Amari Cooper. With help from Amari, can Don Eaves team finally live up to it potential and kick Greg in his superior dick? Only time will tell.

Prediction: Amari Cooper

8 Catches 92 Yards 1 TD

Game 3: Falcons at Saints

Well no shocker here, the Saints are going to drop dong all over the Falcons today at home in the dome. Keegan again has turned the jets on at the end of the season for no particular reason other than to avoid Sacko. Will he play spoiler for everyone’s favorite Jew today? I say no and you know why? It is because Mark Ingram will be more disappointing than Keegan’s Instagram game. Jordan will be the one who this thankful for Ingram today, not Keegan.

Prediction: Mark Ingram

16 Rushes 41 Yards 0 TD 1 Rec 17 Yards 0 TD


1.) Jason

2.) Josh

3.) GT

4.) Jordan

5.) Don Eaves

6.) Zeglen

7.) Don McCann

8.) Ryan

9.) Keegs

10.) Leff

Have a great day fellas


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