Playoff Preview: Week 2

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Keenan Allen got hurt and put up ZERO points.  Donald is in a hole bigger than the one he puts in women and we may have the greatest ever Sacko to Champion turn around in the history of fantasy football!

I know I will not be able to top Don Eaves Sacko Vlog but you can’t say I wont try.  This week has obviously already started but that just makes my life much easier.  Here is where we currently stand:




Jason and GT seem to be on just able equal footing and are poised for a shoot out of epic proportions.  With Odell out, it really takes  the thinking out of things for Jason. He will be starting Hopkins and Cooks at WR and Gurley and Elliott at RB.  Gurley against a depleted Philly and Zeke against a middle of the road Indy defense leads me to believe these two will have a big day and really make life just absolutely brutal for Greg. On the other side of this match up we have David Johnson and Lamar Miller.  The X-factor here is absolutely Lamar Miller, he has run like a man on a mission lately but the Jets do have a pretty strong defensive front so if he can put up 18+ points GT will be in a good spot going into Sunday.


Jafar: 142.6  GT: 126.7


Unfortunately Jason takes this matchup and moves on to his 4th straight championship game, but who will he meet there?




As I previously noted Donald is as close to death as humanly possible.  Last week we all dogged Zeglen for not starting Derrick Henry and he still pulled off the victory.  This week he is starting Henry against the Giants.  This WILL be the only way Donald can crawl back into it.  If the Giants load the box and dare Mariota to throw over the top, effectively taking Henry out of the game this will be the way Donald could sneak into his second match up with Jafar in the Championship. George Kittle has established himself as a force in The League as well, but with great results comes increased attention.  If Kittle can put up 23+ points Donald can win this clash.


Zeglen: 143.8   Donald: 107.4


There you have it folks. It will be a matchup of epic proportions between the reigning Sacko and Reigning Naomi Cup champion. Truly compelling stuff.



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