One Year Later – Grading the 2018 League Draft

Greetings friends! Long time no see! With the draft being less than a month away, I thought it would be a good time to take a look back at last years draft.

Before we get into the meat of the draft, I have two awards to hand out for the 2018 draft:

Biggest Loser

Tough Day for Zegs

Zeglen! Yes, he may have gotten Saquon from the draft, but he was publicly humiliated by being the subject of a food throwing punishment for getting last place. There are rumors  that he was so embarrassed by this, that he is skipping the draft this year. (If you are reading this, which you definitely aren’t because you hate being involved, then screw you Zeglen)

Most Awkward/Funny Moment

This moment was almost as awkard as Jordan’s leg.

Donald and Jordan! The first half of 2018 brought on “freethinking” Don, he was a man without a care in the world and loved everybody. Now, we all know Don can have a short fuse sometimes, but none of us had seen angry Don in months.

As we have come to learn, it is very tough to gather a group of 10 young professionals for a weekend when we all live in hours away from each other. The result of this is that every year we normally have a couple people draft remotely (due to poor planning on their part of course). One of the absentees this year was Jordan, he was at a party and was calling in from a random room in the house he was at. He was using his phone for both the call and as his big board. Unlike me, Jordan is a plebeian and only has one phone.

Due to his lack of planning skills and resources during the draft, Jordan had to keep asking who had been drafted and took a while to make his picks which was often was followed with plenty of chirping from the boys.  As I stated earlier, Don hadn’t yelled in months, the amount of anger that had built up inside of him has been compared to the energy in the No. 4 Nuclear reactor in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

Well Jordan taking too long to make a pick and it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, Don freaked out and berated Jordan for a couple minutes while we all sat in bewilderment and silence. Even Josh (who also called in, was shocked. It was awkward after and is very deserving of this award.

Draft Pick Grades:

As someone who has yet to win a championship, but was able to have the last place trophy named after them, I have decided that I am the perfect person to grade each draft pick.


1.1) Zeglen – Saquon Barkley   

Easy pick, but he didn’t pull a Keegan and trade it. Grade: A

1.2) Leffler – Derrius Guice 

Widely considered the second best RB going into the NFL draft last year, he dropped in the NFL draft which scared me away and caused me to trade the pick. This ultimately was horrible for Guice because Leffler drafted him, which led to an injury for him that sidelined him for the year. Guice might not be 100% healthy yet which could hurt his output for this year. Overall I see him being a productive back in the future, but is still a big question mark. Grade: B-

1.3) Ryan – Rashaad Penny

Penny didn’t see much action in 2018 and ended up at RB67 on the year. Chris Carson is looking like he will get a majority of the workload again in 2019. He is looking like a bust at this point, but Penny was drafted in the first round so I don’t think they will give up on him yet. Grade: C-

1.4) GT – Sony Michel

Michel had a weird year, it seemed each week would bring one of three things. A DNP, a single digit performance, or close to 20 points. He ended up as RB35 which is about where he was expected to. Injury concerns and the Patriots committee approach could hurt him moving forward Grade: B

1.5) Jordan – Calvin Ridley

After scoring 0 points his first week (unsure if he was injured or just didn’t play), Ridley averaged over 26 points for Weeks 2-4 and made Jordan look like a genius. While he did cool down a bit, he still ended up as WR22 and is looking good for the future. Grade: A

1.6) McCann – Ronald Jones

Bust. He was RB96 and only had 44 yards on 23 attempts last year. Maybe he will break out this year? But he hasn’t done anything for Don yet. Grade: F

1.7) Leffler – Royce Freeman

Another pick that looked good at the time, but didn’t pan out so far. Freeman was projected to get a lot of carries in 2018, but Phillip Lindsay outplayed him. Freeman ended up as RB47. I believe he will jump up to a low end flex play this year. Grade: C+

1.8) Eaves – Nick Chubb

Chubb started of the year slowly, but around the midpoint of the season he turned it around and ended up as RB 17. Once Kareem Hunt comes back it could hurt him, just make sure he stays away from the same hotels that Hunt stays at. Grade: A

1.9) GT – DJ Moore

Honestly I picked Moore because he was the first WR drafted in the NFL draft, and when that happened Steve Smith said “he reminds me of myself”. Well I was sold. Moore showed flashes throughout the year as one of the hardest WR to bring down after the catch. I think at this point the biggest question mark is if Cam can get him the ball. Grade: A-

1.10) Jafar – Lamar Jackson

I was high on Lamar because of his rushing ability, it did prove valuable as he averaged close to 20 points per game after the bye week when he became the starting QB. The real question is if he will learn to throw the ball. Jafar is able to take chances on picks like this due to the immense amount of talent on his roster. Grade: B+

2.1) Zeglen – Michael Gallup

Gallup was a disappointment in 2018 as he ended up as WR77 and wasn’t start-able for most weeks. This hurt Zegs because Sanders got hurt and his next best receiver was Mike Williams at WR32 (puking emoji). Gallup was helped by the addition of Amari Cooper though and could jump up to around WR40-50 this year. Grade: D+

2.2) GT – Mike Gesicki

I had already taken a RB and WR so I figured why not grab a TE? Well this is why. Gesicki thoroughly disappointed in his first year as TE52. Hopefully what they say about Tes needing 3 years to develop is true, that is the only reason I will not get an F for this pick. Grade: F+

2.3) McCann – Hayden Hurst

Don has continued to win championships despite poor decision making, good for him I guess. Hurst ended as TE59 and isn’t even on Don’s roster anymore. Grade F

2.4) Ryan – Ian Thomas

I think I made fun of Ryan for this pick but he proved me wrong. Thomas made me look like a freaking idiot for taking Gesicki. Grade: B+

2.5) Jordan – Kerryon Johnson

Johnson was looking like a great pick for Jordan, he scored double digit points in 8 of his first 10 games, unfortunately he was put on IR in week 12. Assuming he continues his stellar play, this was another great pick by Jordan. Grade: A

2.6) Keegan – Dallas Goedert

This was the tight end that I had rated highest before the NFL draft but I backed off due to landing behind Ertz. That was a mistake as Goedert ended up as TE20 and looks like the TE of the future for the Eagles. Grade: A-

2.7) Keegan – Courtland Sutton

Another solid pick by Keegan, Sutton was the top rated WR by a lot of analysts before the 2018 season, but he dropped due to being stuck behind Sanders and Thomas as well as a slightly disappointing  final college season. Sutton could breakout in 2019. Grade: B

2.8) GT – Baker Mayfield

Well I had drafted every other position (not counting K or D/ST) so why not grab a QB? Oh and would you look at that? That first overall pick in the NFL draft, don’t mind if I do. Mayfield looked like a star in his first year and now he has OBJ to throw to. Grade: A

2.9) Josh – Nyheim Hines

With his first pick in the draft Josh selected Hines, it proved to add some much needed depth to Josh’s aging roster. Hines was a solid Flex play at RB27 on the year and will be the third down back in a solid Colts offense this year. Grade: B+

2.10) Jason – Dante Pettis

Pettis was pretty good when he played during his first year but was injured often. IF he can stay healthy he could be a good weapon, but that is a big if. Grade: C+

3.1) Zeglen – Anthony Miller

Miller had a very weird year, he was a decent flex play in the middle of the year from weeks 8-11 but didn’t show much for the rest of the year ending as WR60. We will see if he grows with Turbisky in the coming years. Grade: C

3.2) Leffler – Trequan Smith

At this point in the draft you start seeing a lot of dart throws, overall Smith had a couple of breakout games but just sat on Nick’s bench. The big worry for him is what will happen after Brees reitres.  Grade: C-

3.3) McCann – Kalen Ballage

Ballage did next to nothing in his first year and ended up as RB89. Some are projecting him to be a sleeper this year but I don’t necessarily see it. Grade: D

3.4) Keegan – James Washington

Another player who disappointed in 2018 but could see some more targets in 2019. The fact that Keegan dropped him but kept Jordan Matthews is pretty odd and contributes to his grade. Grade: C

3.5) Jordan – Equanimeous St. Brown

Retweet the last pick but subsitute St. Brown for Washington and Dez Bryant for Jordan Matthews. I think he has less potential than Washington though. Grade: D+

3.6) Keegan – Mark Andrews

Andrews had a solid year as he ended as TE17. But I guess that isn’t good enough for Keegan because he dropped Andrews too. If he kept him he would get an A, but he didn’t. Grade: F

3.7) Keegan – Mark Walton

Keegan took another Mark, this time with the last name Walton. He did nothing last year but remains on Keegan’s roster. The former Miami Hurricane was arrested 3 times this offseason but still was signed by the dolphins so he must have some talent. Grade: D+

3.8) Eaves – John Kelly

Another player that has been dropped, Kelly most likely see any playing time behind Gurley and Henderson. Grade: D-

3.9) GT – Trey Burton

Arguably my best pick of the draft as I ended up with TE8 in the third round. I think people forget that you can take free agents as well as rookies. Grade: A

3.10) Jason – N/A

4.1) Zeglen – Jake Butt

Great name Butt the guy can’t stay healthy. He is talented but has had 3 ACL injuries. Grade: C

4.2) GT – John Ross

Probably a waste of a pick for me, I dropped him early and now he is on Jordan’s roster. Grade: D

4.3) McCann – Josh Rosen

Tough look on picking Rosen before Darnold and Allen, Don has dropped him. Grade: F

4.4) Reed – Christian Kirk

I absolutely love this pick and it is great value in the fourth round. Murray could make him into a solid receiver. Ryan did use him as trade bait though and now he is on Josh’s team. Grade: A-

4.5) Jordan – Sam Darnold

Jordan can’t pass up on a Jets QB and gets the third overall pick in the draft. WHile he didn’t have a great fantasy year at QB25, he has a bright future. Grade: B+

4.6) Keegan – Josh Allen

Keegan and Jordan love copying each other, Keegan takes his favorite team’s QB who ended up as QB23. He is a dual threat QB who also looks to have a bright future, and he looks good in shorts. Grade: B+

4.7) Leffler – N/A

4.8) Eaves – N/A

4.9) Josh – Jordan Wilkins

Actually not a horrible pick, but Josh dropped him. Grade: C-

4.10) Jason – N/A

5.1) Zeglen – N/A

5.2) GT – Mitch Trubisky

Another steal by me taking a free agent, Mitch ended up as QB15 and is a great third QB behind Luck and Mayfield. I should be set for years at the QB position. Grade: B+

5.3) McCann – N/A

5.4) Reed – DJ Chark

Another WR who I think has some potential, he didn’t do much last year but could have an expanded role with Foles at QB. Grade: C

5.5) Jordan – Marquez Valdes-Scantling

With the last pick used in the draft, Jordan took another Packers WR. Valdes Scantling showed some promise but I think Jordan dropped him and now Leffler has him which drops this grade. Still good value for Mr. Irrelevant. Grade: C-

5.6) Keegan – N/A

5.7) Leffler – N/A

5.8) Eaves – N/A

5.9) Josh – N/A

5.10) Jason – N/A


After averaging all the picks, it seemed like almost everyone had some good picks and some bad ones. Overall I would say Jordan was the winner of this draft, while our champion was the clear loser.

Owner Grades


Goodluck to everyone this year, hopefully we don’t get stabbed in Newburgh.

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