I Reviewed Bar Bill’s Wings, the Results May Surprise You!

Bar Bill Wing Review

For years and years I have heard the same thing, “Gabriel’s Gate is awesome but you have to try Bar Bill”, “Duff’s is good but you gotta try Bar Bill. Well gentlemen, I finally did it.

We walked in and were immediately seated at a nice little high top next to the TV. The Sabres game was about to start and let me tell ya, the boys were buzzin. The waiter immediately greeted us and took our drink orders, he informed me that the Sam Seasonal was Cold Snap, yup, that’ll do!

Sam Adams Cold Snap: 7.2/10

Finally it came time to order, one order of Medium, as is the standard for first time chicken wing reviews, and one order of Zesty Honey Pepper. Now let me give you all a little background, I always tend to be disappointed because rarely does food, movies or anything else live up to the hype built up by others.

The Review:

The Medium Wings came out as is customary, lined up along the outside edge of the basket, with celery neatly stacked at the end of the blue cheese cup. I took one bite and was overwhelmed with crisp and flavor that I did not know what to feel. I needed another bite. The second bite solidified it, the was THE PLACE for wings. If you have had Bar Bill and it isn’t your go-to wing place you need to have an immediate mental health evaluation. The Crisp, the Sauce, the Meat, holy hell I’m wet just thinking about it. It was INCREDIBLE.

The Twist:

While the Medium wing was the best wing I have ever had I still had to try the Zesty Honey Pepper. Without much expectations I dive in.


I thought it couldn’t get better AND IT DID. Fellas, if you ever have another opportunity to eat at Bar Bill and don’t get Zesty Honey Pepper please remove me from all social media’s and block my number because our friendship is cancelled. I can’t even find any words so I will just move on to the grading portion.

Final Grade:


Crisp: 9.1

Sauce: 9.1

Meat: 8.3

Overall: 8.83

Zesty Honey Pepper

Crisp: 8.9

Sauce: 9.7

Meat: 8.5

Overall: 9.03

And that, my friends, is a review.

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