‘Twas The Week Before Drafting

‘Twas the week before drafting and all through the league

Members were betting on my match-up with Keeg

This match-up was heated and neither would rest

Until we found out which gamer was best

Keegan picked chel, myself picking COD

Little does he know he’s facing a God

But my hockey skills were lacking and I didn’t have live

Luckily this battle will be a best of five

With mystery afoot of what games we’ll play

I fear my defeat may be witnessed that day

But Keegan plays like a thumb-less buffoon

I’ve seen him play games, he should’ve quit in June

Too dumb for puzzles, can’t shoot, fight, nor race

I’ll cruise through these games and put him in his place

My fear has subsided, victory is upon me

I’m gonna win this battle, then snag another Naomi

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