2019 Draft Grades

I was hoping someone else would write this blog, but no one did so I guess I am stuck doing it. Luckily I made some of you do most of the work for me.

After polling the experts in our fantasy league I have calculated the 2019 rookie draft grades. Results below:


If you would like further analysis from the experts, read below. If not, then go back to rosterbating.

1.     Don Eaves

“Got great value with his second round pick (TJ Hockenson) and a nice late round snag on a high upside player in Jace Sternberger. It is tough to fault him for the overall draft class and tight ends are a scarce position in this league. The only thing preventing him from being first is to look at what he gave up to get this draft class. DK Metcalf for Juju Smitch-Schuster is not looking like a good deal here. Further, Metcalf was a reach at 6 and I think he may regret the combination of taking Harry at 2, cutting Gordon (who may start over Harry and is only 28), and passing on Montgomery ( a talented young rb who has an inside track at starting).” – JR

“The big winner is clearly Don Eaves. He had the most picks and they were all very astute” – DM

“Crushed it” – DE

“Anyone who thinks Don didn’t have the best draft needs to get their eyes checked” – GS

2.       Ryan

“He did what he needed to with the first overall pick as long as Gruden doesn’t screw him. Andy Isabella is a nice player with upside this year and next year when Fitz retires. Got good value and did not try to get fancy. May regret passing on Montgomery.” – JR

“Josh Jacobs helps and anyone from KC is a bonus” – DE

“Really liked all his picks, not much I would change” – GS

3.    Leffler

“David Montgomery will probably be better than Josh Jacobs and one starting rb can make a draft class in this league. After this, he got some upside players in Arcegia Whiteside and Emanuel Hall. If either player hits, it was a good draft.” – JR

“Montgomery Needs to pan out” – DE

“Really going to regret drafting Drew Lock instead of Tyree Jackson, otherwise solid draft.” – GS

4.       GT

“Henderson was a bold choice and perhaps GT knows something we don’t about Gurley but Devin Singletary in the second is what got GT this spot. With McCoy on the way out, Gore almost dead, and Yeldon the only competition, GT may have landed a starting rb in the second round. The bills may suck, but their rbs always do well in fantasy. Justice Hill may provide value in 2 years as well.” – JR

“Brown in the third was huge” – DE

“Did not go how I planned it at all, but I was very happy getting Hollywood Brown in the third” -GS

5.       Don McCann

“Deebo Samuel and Keke Coutee were both great picks for Don. He needed rbs and did not take the aforementioned Singletary but otherwise got good value at 10.”  – JR

“Fuck you Donald” – RR

“Boring” – DE

“Donald’s draft was the equivalent of Leonardo Dicaprio in Wolf of Wall Street trying to drive on quaaludes.” – NL

“Fuck you” – RR

“Meh” – GS

6.       Jordan

“He is all about Parris Campbell but what earned Jordan this spot was not making any big mistakes. Bryce Love was a good player to take a chance on and Harmon in the 4th was also good value with high upside.” – JR

“Campbell helps” – DE

“Parris Campbell was a great pick, Bryce Love could be a great value pick if he can stay healthy.” -GS

7.   Jason

“What an awful draft. Kyler Murray provided no value in the first round and then he followed that up with 2 backup rbs. Not sure what the strategy was here.” – JR

“Boring” – DE

“Second year in a row taking a QB in the first round. I’m not as keen as others about Jason’s depth so it was a questionable decision” – GS

8.       Josh

“Some questionable moves were made here in passing on Fant and Singletary. While I may regret those, and the fact that Irv Smith was already cut, Moncrief in the 4th and Washington in the 2nd almost guarantees the WR2 in the Steelers offense, a very successful fantasy role in years past.” – JR

“Two WRs on the same team and dropped his TE already” – DE

“Only drafted Moncrief in the 4th because I was making fun of him for taking James Washington in the second” – GS

9.       Zeglen

“Zeglen got great receivers in real life. In fantasy, these were questionable picks. AJ Brown is on the Titans. Diontae Johnson is likely to be buried on the Steelers depth chart with other young  players that were also high picks in their respective drafts. Hunter Renfrow has a chance to be the Raiders’ WR3 which may be ok.” – JR

“The big loser is Zeglen. Kid wasn’t at the draft which might have messed with his picks, but that’s entirely on him.” – DM

“All WRs is bold” – DE

“Taking all WRs is questionable. Also taking Riley Ridley over Hollywood Brown is pretty crazy.” – GS

10.       Keegan

“This may get some boos but after totally botching his first pick in the draft (Tony Pollard in the second) Keegan got some good value with Noah Fant in the third.” – JR

“What was this? I don’t know any of his picks” – DE

“Keegan drafting Pollard in the second round will turn out to be a bigger bust than Greg Oden” – NL

“About what I expected.” – GS

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