Guster’s Blunders Week 8: Start Your Studs


Our first and Sackoist Sacko once said “start your studs.” Wise words from someone who sucked out of the gate and and something I want to focus on in this week’s recap. I lost last week, and I promise, that is not how what I wanted to write in this week’s recap. See, I had a chance to take a lead over Gus and I blew it because I didn’t “start my studs.” For those who don’t know it my dad puts an Andrew Jackson every year on the Patriots to win the super bowl for me. It pays off because I keep the faith. But what did I do when Gus chose the Jets +10 v. the Pats? I disrespected them. I lost the faith. I sat my stud for the dipshit Texans. Needless to say, it backfired hard and now I am sitting here down one to Gus. It is a tough lesson learned- but it is a lesson learned.

This week’s jinxes picks

Gus made some amazing picks. This is two weeks in a row where I am just in awe about how great the Gus is at this endeavor. I do not think there is an easy pick in college or the pros.

CAR +6 @ SF: 6-0 v. undefeated Kyle Allen. I think this is the game where (1) Kyle Allen fucks up and (2) where Jimmy G shows up.

Ohio State -14 v. Wisconsin: Wisconsin feels disrespected.

HOU -6.5 V. OAK: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, blame the gypsy.

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