Guster’s Blunders Week 14: Can I Finish

Well well well well well. Last week Atlanta scared the shit out of me, I refer you to Gus’s post for an accurate recap of just how bad the Saints almost fucked me. Luckily the time ran out on the comeback because the Saints’ collapse was real. I also want to point out that my hypothetical two extra picks (The Titans +2.5 and the UNDER with the Jets/Cincinatti) both hit. I would have been 3-0. But, now, we have another issue: can I finish?

For those who don’t know, I have never missed playoffs in this league, and, multiple times, I have had quite a good team. The sad reality is, I have never been able to finish. Sealing the deal is just not my forte. Whether it is a disappointing choke job in my first game, or a disappointing loss to Jordan (his team was ass) or a ridiculous comeback by Jason (his team was good) in my two Naomi appearances, the one constant is I fall flat on my face at the worst time. Time has not fixed this issue. This year I have two starting RBs (James Connor and Damien Williams), two WRs (Antonio Brown and JuJu) unavailable, and Big Ben out. I am starting Tannehill for fuck’s sake.

So the real question is, will my annual collapse be confined to fantasy or will it impact me in other walks of life, including this competition with Gus? I hope not. Below are my picks, I know everyone is rooting for some fresh cornbread at the draft so please no curses (eyes on you Jafar).


DEN +9 v. HOU: Please don’t allow the backdoor cover Houston. Just keep the foot on the gas in this one.

GB -12.5 v. WAS: Please allow the backdoor cover Green Bay. Just coast after you get that 21 point lead.

KC +3.5 v. NE: this is not out of blinding loyalty. I am not lying to myself.*

*I am doing both of these things. I just don’t want a tie so I made a third pick. There may be a miracle and NE may pull this one out.

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