Guster’s Blunders Week 15: Excuses Shall Be Made

First, a response to Gus’s recap. The refs did screw the Patriots, the Chiefs would not have covered in OT, and I would have a 2 game lead right meow with Gus practicing cornbread making while Ryan trains for his beer mile. The NFL colluded and the Patriots got screwed, we know what kind of magic was at work here, but I cannot get any more specific than that now that Gus went and had Ralph share the inner thoughts of the league with strangers. GUS SUCKS.

This week, I will do two picks for the first time ever. This will, in the event of a tie, set up next week as the all or nothing week. I will also disclose a parlay bet I will be making for those who want to get rich.

HOU +3.5 @ TEN: Why not.

OAK -6.5 v. JAC: That stache though.

PARLAY: For full disclosure, I am not upset if I lose this one if it means the Steelers shit on the Bills. In a perfect world, the Bills lose by one on a missed XP, a.k.a., the classic win-win-win.

MIA +3.5

BUF +2

BUC -3

MIN -2.5

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