Guster’s Guarantees

1 down, 8 more to go. The full slate stick ’em strategy pulled through thanks to a critical choke job by the Lions. A special shout out to D’Andre Swift who dropped a wide open pass in the end zone with 11 seconds left that would have brought the Lions back into a push and ultimately pushed the week (not a win as Josh stated in his post).

Week 1 is always a crap shoot and that is why instead of taking on the burden myself, I put it on Josh. I will not let Josh skate by this season on the coattails of my own mistakes. That is how you play the man, not the odds.

1-0 Gus!

Pick Tracker:

Week 2 Challenges:
1. LAR -1.5 @ PHI
2. MIN +3 @ IND

Going with the unconventional even number of picks this week. These were the only two games I felt strongly against, as both are solid teams playing at home coming off tough road losses. I believe at least one will recover nicely at home, hopefully both. If we split then I will regroup next week for the double point. I did consider throwing in Miami as a third pick but Miami is a very hot and cold team in their current state so I will leave that be and go with the two I am comfortable with. I will make a point of it not to force picks purely for the purposes of keeping the number of picks odds. Discipline.

Lets see if Gus can get a little momentum rolling to start the year.

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