Reich’s Road to Riches: Week 2

Quick recap of Week 1, which did not go as planned because of Stafford, Swift, and the rest of the damn Lions. If the Lions don’t blow a 23-6 lead against the woe begone Bears we win the week 3-2 and are even money on the bets. I recognize the poor pick on Minnesota, I underestimated Rodgers – it happens. I also knew the Cowboys would be a toss up but just assumed they could not disappoint everyone again. Oh well, Gus is up 1-0 and we move on to week 2.

To my believers, remember the gambling strategy. 3-2 weeks mean we should break even (probably lose a couple bucks). 4-1 we go up. 5-0 means the parlay hit and we are covered for several weeks as we hit it big. Stay the course. Also Rule 5: Ignore Rules 1-3 as needed.

BUF -5.5 @ MIA
WAS @ ARI -6.5
DET @ GB -6
LAR -1.5 @ PHI
MIN +3 @ IND

Cait’s Can’t Miss Parlay (she missed last week bringing record to 0-1):
SF -7 @ NYJ
DET @ GB -6
CAR +9.5 @ TB

Reich: 0
Gus: 1

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