Frank’s Power Rankings: Week 2, 2020

Presented by: Big Ben’s Walking Boot

And what a week it was. This week we will dive into a few different topics. What we knew, what we didn’t know and what we still don’t know.

What we knew

1.) Christian McCaffrey is confirmed good. Even with a new offense and a new QB this man will still dominate as expected. His division is tough overall but he is someone who will continue to get his touches. Let’s see how well he can carry Jordan.

2.) Keegan’s decision making is poor. He decided to start an unproven rookie who would be splitting carries at the flex rather than going with a trusted veteran. Fuller or even Watkins win that game for him and start him with a huge upset to begin the season, but as expected, choke job.

3. Don Eaves is a wagon. It could be argued that his team under preformed and it still didn’t matter. Most weeks he will have at least one person pop off so good luck everyone. Only hope for us is injuries (not wishing injuries on anyone). Please be gentle when we play each other Don.

What we didn’t know

1.) Josh Allen can throw a football? Yes he played the Jets, yes the AFC East Stinks, Yes Jordan shit his pants after yet another New York sports team loss. I was impressed but he will have to continue to prove it. He could be a fantasy monster this year for The Keegan.

2.) Ryan may have the best RB combo in the league. I know this could be an overreaction as they had good match ups and scored a lot but watching Carson and Jacobs work it was evident they will be heavily involved in their respective offenses and get plentiful opportunities in the Red Zone.

3.) James Conner is not like good. Yes he got hurt but even prior, Benny Snell was significantly more efficient and just looked way more dynamic. That offense is good but is Conner? Week one says nay.

What we still don’t

1.) Who is going to have the first BIG injury of the season?. Yes Ryan lost Jarwin to an ACL and a few major guys had minor dings (Conner, Kittle etc) but he haven’t seen that first corner piece go down. I for one would hate to see it be someone on Don Eaves team, truly would hate to see it.

2.) Is this year the most balanced year we have had since inception? It is quite possible. Our #9 ranked team from last week took down the #4 ranked squad handily. No team scored less than 110 points and the highest point total was 158 followed by 157. I, for one, am excited (for the league, I still suck).

3.) Are the Bills finally good!?

Power Rankings

1.) Don Eaves

2. Jason

3.) GT

4.) Ryan

5.) Jordan

6.) Donald

7.) Josh

8.) Zeglen

9.) Keegan

10.) Frank 🙂

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