Frank’s Power Rankings: Week 3, 2020

Presented by: Fujifilm Holdings

Buy Fujifilm stock now because they are one of the largest MRI machine manufacturers in the world and after this week the NFL may just want them on the sidelines at all games moving forward. It was an absolutely brutal week across the NFL, but more importantly, across the WTFFL. Jordan lost his steed, Josh lost Sutton, Zeglen lost Saquon and the list goes on and on. Injuries are a part of the game, no one knows that more than me, but this week was especially heinous. This means a lot for our Power Rankings this week.

Biggest Winner:

The Keegan was able to mount a garbage time comeback for the ages to defeat that grimy, no good, cheatin’ ass Jafar and I, for one, stan a king. Keegan has positioned himself to have a strong season with the meat of his schedule behind him. This morning he said “I am pretty happy escaping the gauntlet of Don and Jason 1-1”. Now admittedly he could be 2-0 but if Keegan can dial in his coaching he may be on the come up. #GoBills

Biggest Loser:

Josh Reich was still buzzing off a huge CDL win but ran into a three headed monster in Frank’s Firesale, the Injury Bug and his own terrible coaching. With Sutton out for the season, Thomas out for likely several more weeks and having just traded away his formerly prized possession, Melvin Gordon, Josh will have to rely on his Steelers and some shit-sippers to try to limp him to the finish line. The bright spot in his lineup has been Darren Waller but a Tight End not named Kittle or Kelce can rarely be a league winner. Poor Josh (not).

Power Rankings

1. ) Don Eaves (2-0)

2.) Jafar (1-1)

3.) The Cum Rivers (2-0)

4.) The Keegan (1-1)

5.) Future Mayback’s Eater (2-0)

6.) Greg (0-2)

7) Steed-less in Seattle (1-1)

8) Frank’s not last! (1-1)

9) Lawyer Boy (0-2)

10.) Sacko (0-2)

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