Reich’s Road to Riches: Week 3

Well, Gus and I both broke a rule/promise this week. Gus had promised to challenged the full slate “until I proved myself.” He didn’t and good call by him because I went 3-2. Breaking my rule, however, did not work out so well for me. If you recall in my week 1 post, I provided rule 3: “Don’t bet on the bills. I have seen the disappointment in their fans’ eyes and I do not want to share in said disappointment.” Well fuck me sideways. I value my opinion a lot, as you all know only too well, and I ignored me. I hate to say it, but fucker had it coming, and I am that fucker.

I also made a mistake this week, and I am not one to shy away from my mistakes.* What the actual fuck Kirk Cousins? He had a passer rating of 0.0 fairly far into that game. My mistake, I had faith in that shit head to lose by less than 3 points to Philip Rivers, who of course threw a red zone pick, yet again, and had blown a game against the Jaguars week 1. I learned my lessons, fuck you Kirk.

All in all, Gus’ rule breaking worked out for him. We split, so now this week is extremely important. If Gus wins, he takes the commanding 3-0 lead. Conversely, I can pull ahead with some smart picks. FYI, Gus told me I was soft for picking favorites again, but money is to be had this week because these lines are way off.

Week 3 picks:
KC @ BAL -3.5
KC @ BAL – OVER 53.5
TB -6 @ DEN
TEN -2.5 @ MIN
CHI @ ATL -3

Cait’s Can’t Miss Parlay (0-2):

I do want to give Cait some credit. If the Bucs would have killed the clock up 7, Cait’s parlay hits. Instead Fournette breaks off a huge TD run. Then Carolina marched down the 4 yard line and had a final play to score and put Cait back in the money and they blew it. That was a nail biter and she is nearly up money early in the year.

Now Ryan, Cait very specifically wanted you to know she thinks the Cowboys suck and will not break her parlay. For Jason and GT, I told my wife that the 49ers lost their entire team to knee injuries and now have to return to the same turf with a backup QB, RB, and half their D-Line dead, and she was unfazed and said that the Giants also suck.

SF -4 @ NYG
TEN -2.5 @ MIN
DAL @ SEA -5

*I just don’t make mistakes. The world screws me. There is a difference. Trust me, I am a lawyer.

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