A Trade that Make Sense for Every Team

Trade 1:

GT Trades: Mike Gesicki, Sony Michel, TY Hilton

Ryan Trades: Jonathan Taylor

Why it makes sense for me: I get a potential elite RB, which I so dearly need. I also have arguably the second best depth in the league, so I can afford doing a 3 for 1.

Why it makes sense for Ryan: Ryan gets a starting TE who has potential to be elite. He also adds some depth pieces at WR and RB. Ryan has Carson, Jacobs, and Hunt so he is still strong at RB.

Trade 2:

Don Eaves Trades: 2021 3rd

Jordan Trades: Chicago Bears D/ST

Why it makes sense for Don: The man already has so much depth, he doesn’t need a third round pick. With this he fixes the one weakness in his starting lineup by getting a top 10 defense for his championship push.

Why it makes sense for Jordan: Jordan has 3 defenses for some reason, so he can afford to give one up. He still has a strong Chargers D and gets to add more youth to his bench next offseason.

Trade 3:

Josh Trades: 2021 2nd

Nick Trades: Jamison Crowder

Why it makes sense for Josh: Crowder is very underrated fantasy wise. He needs another WR starter. He has two 2nd round picks next season so it doesn’t hurt too much to trade this one away.

Why it makes sense for Nick: His team name is Frank’s Firesale. The man wants picks and this gets him another one.

Trade 4:

Donals Trades: 2021 1st and Ebron

Keegan Trades: Dallas Goedert

Why it makes sense for Donals: He has seen the Giants offense and it is not looking good for Engram. Donals does not believe in rebuilding and always goes for the win. This gets him a Top 10 TE.

Why it makes sense for Keegan: He has Fant as a starter at TE and does not need Goedert. Keegan is sick of us making fun of him for trading away 1st round picks so he finally gets one back. Also, Ebron would be a solid backup TE. He is starting to look more dangerous in the Steelers offense.

Trade 5:

Zeglen Trades: 2022 1st

GT Trades: David Johnson

Why it makes sense for Zeglen: At this point, Zeglen is sick of being Sacko and might do anything to avoid being pelted with food again. Barkley going down has left him desperate for a RB. Johnson isn’t elite anymore but his will be a good RB2 behind Henry.

Why it makes sense for me: I have a good amount of depth at RB (I shutter as a type this because of my injury luck). Also, I am a pick whore.

Trade 6:


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