Reich’s Road to Riches: Week 4

Bleak. A word that can be used to describe a lot right now. The presidential candidates, my fantasy squad, and my challenge with Gus. 3-0 is what I was expecting, just not in Gus’ favor. Yet here we are. This is a must win week, to say the least. If Gus goes to 0-4 I will have not much left to play for but pride.

The thing is, I was very confident in my picks last week, and so was Gus, for the most part. We differed on Baltimore, and credit to Gus, he saw the light. Lamar looked like Josh Allen circa 2018 and Baltimore was abysmal all night, resulting in an easy win for Gus that was worth 2 points because of the tie from week 2. As for the other picks, Tennessee had a great comeback but did not cover the spread and Atlanta proved that they can lose any lead if they try hard enough. Overall, went 2-3 on the week and am in quite the hole.

Week 4 picks:
JAX +3 @ CIN (I chose an underdog just for you Gus)
BUF -3 @ LV (If the Bills fuck me again I am giving myself 100 points against Keegan this week)
SEA -6.5 @ MIA (Please, please suck Fitzmagic)
LA @ TB -7 (TB12, I have been so loyal for so long. Do it for me)
ARI -3.5 @ CAR (Challenge me Gus)

Cait’s Can’t Miss Parlay (0-3):

Again, Cait gets credit from me for these picks. She went 2-1 again and missed the Titans game by 1.5 points in a game where Tennessee sucked for a half. She is close to breaking through.

SEA -6.5 @ MIA
NE +7 @ KC
IND -2.5 @ CHI

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