Guster’s Guarantees

Reich is up off the mat! I was actually getting a little worried he was going to let me run away with this thing and not put up a fight at all. Good on ya Joshy boy, lets do this.

My big Miami handicap fell apart late unfortunately. With 5 and a half minutes to play down by 9 with the ball (a great position to cover the 6.5 against a soft Seattle defense) Fitzpatrick threw a costly interception which immediately led to a Seattle touchdown and ended any chance at the cover. My read on Cincinnati was solid, predicting the rookie would pulled out his first win, setting up perfectly for Buffalo to make Josh regret breaking his golden rule. However Vegas fell flat in second half and couldn’t keep up with the Bills, giving Josh his first W of the year.

3-1 Gus

Pick Tracker:

Week 5 Challenges:

  1. LAR -7.5 @ WAS

Josh put me in a tough spot this week with the Thursday night game he sprung on me casually the morning of (sleezebag move) so I had to pass on that one. He also knows I’m too bitter and grief stricken to back the Jets right now so my options were whittled down to 3. I feel best about the Washington Football Team with a full touchdown and hopefully a boost in energy behind Kyle Allen getting the start this week. Smells like a good old fashioned backdoor cover on this one. Good luck to everyone today, except for Josh!

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