Guster’s Guarantees

Not a good results this week, but as I mentioned in my post Josh pulled out all the dirty tricks to steal a win. Unfortunately Kyle Allen got hurt in the 2nd quarter and despite a very touching moment of redemption for Alex Smith, there was no shot he was going to lead them back and cover the spread. Tough break but I will not dwell on it. Time to turn the page and get this thing back on track.

3-2 Gus

Pick Tracker:

Week 6 Challenges:

  1. CHI +1 @ CAR
  2. UNDER 44.5 CHI @ CAR
  3. TEN -3.5 vs HOU
  4. OVER 55 GB @ TB
  5. KC -4 @ BUF

Josh seems to be losing sight of his priorities, as he disclosed that he nearly forgot to do his picks this week while in the middle of a trial that will run through the end of the month. While some might think “that’s fair, being an attorney is an honorable profession and trials can be a lot of work”, I do not share this belief. I will take full advantage of his weakness and lack of vision for what really matters in life – bragging rights (the law is dumb). That is why I am challenging the full slate – Josh has lost focus and he will fail to beat the books this week. Plain and simple, play the man.

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