Frank’s Power Rankings

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Running Back Rankings for All 10 Teams

We all know that as the running back position goes, typically, the team goes. So for this week’s edition for Frank’s Power Rankings I will be diving into each teams running back room* as well as adding my overall power rankings as I always do.

*This does not include players on IR

1.) The Cum Rivers – At first glance the Cum Rivers seem to be lacking the big name guy to carry a team to a championship, however, they do have depth and great young players who will continue to blossom this season. There is not a team in the league that can trot out a better starting three running backs than Chris Carson, Kareem Hunt and Josh Jacobs. If someone can emerge at WR for Ryan he could make a push inside, oops I mean at, a Naomi this year.

2.) Jafars – Take everything I said about the Cum Rivers and flip in and reverse it Missy Elliott style because Jason trots out a true workhouse back in Zeke and a touchdown hungry Todd Gurley. Beyond those two it looks bleak but those guys provide the talent to keep him up high.

3.) Mayback’s Boy – Donald is always trying to keep up with the Jones’s. With Ronald Jones emergence and Aaron Jones steady volume alongside key contributions from Mostert and oh did I forget the two former top 10 backs with new teams on his bench? With plenty of shiny new toys to play with Donald should be able to find a combo that works and works well.

4.) Busy Lawyer Boy – Josh is another player whos strength is in numbers. He has 4-5 guys who can contribute at a flex or RB2 level. Problem is he is the worst coach of all time (aside from Keegan) and he simply will not play the correct guy. Sucks.

5.) The Mahomies – With a swift pick up of Mike Davis Zeglen has actually secured a nice little squad to choose from. Tractorcito and Jerrick Mckinnon are in line to continue to get a large workload and until CMC is doing his steed shit again it looks like Mike Davis will continue to be a volume machine all over the field.

6.) Sad Boy Greg I mean he must have really pissed off the fantasy gods. His team on paper is a playoff caliber team and as we sit here today he simply can’t put it together. If I rattled off Kenyan Drake, Darrel Henderson, David Johnson, CEH, and Devin Singletary I don’t think many people would say no to that. I don’t even know what to say, poor guy.

7.) Injury Bug Don – The surprise of all surprises, Don Eaves is so low for one reason only. Injuries. With Mixon, Chubb and Sanders healthy he is a no brainer top 3 guy at the RB position but that is not the case. His only real hope while he waits out the ouchies is that Chase Edmonds will go X-Games mode again.

8.) Frank and his Firesale – Getting Dalvin back will be huge but while we wait I may have something in DJ Swift, if only Jordan had accepted the trade for him, or Keegan for that matter. Dalvin, Swift and Montgomery is a mixed match group of idiots but they are my idiots so back off!

9.) Josh Allen’s Personal Cum Guzzler – Alvin Kamara puts this group on his back, too bad Gordon had to hit the bottle and drag race to Boulder. With Gordon in this is a top 5 unit but who knows what happens with that buffoon. No one else is worth mentioning. All Hail Alvin.

10.) Jordan – Sorry I have no clever nickname because simply put, the team is filled with dudes who would lose to Jason in a race. It is pathetic, not even sad. Someone pissed on Jordan’s Menorah this year for sure.

Power Rankings

1.) Jason

2.) Don Eaves

3.) Donald

4.) The Keegan

5.) Zeglen

6.) Ryan

7.) Frank

8.) Josh

9.) Greg

10.) Jordan

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