Frank’s Power Ranks

Week 5: Presented by prevagen

So, I may or may not have forgotten all about last weeks Power Rankings. The CDL season is in coming to a head and I royally fucked the stats up there soooo I may have overlooked our beloved league, my apologies. Nevertheless we are here now and this season is an absolute slobber knocker.

For this weeks Power Rankings I will be looking at ESPN projections for the season and see what they got wrong and what they got right.


  1. Kittles and Blitz
  2. Jafarison Jafar
  3. Statistically Bad Trader
  4. Cum Rivers
  5. Team Medical Tent
  6. Thanks for the Maybacks
  7. Me and Mahomies
  8. Frank’s Firesale
  9. Albany Fantasy Football Team
  10. Chalupa Shit Sippers

What they got right…

The obvious best team and worst teams are clearly correct. Jordan should change his name to the Shit Sippers full time because his boys do nothing but guzzle fecal matter at this point. Don Eaves continues to rack up injuries but it literally does not matter, the man is a force and we all know this. The rest of the rankings however are a complete mess that I will break down below.

What they got wrong…

First and foremost, Thanks for the Mayback’s will not be receiving Mayback’s if ESPN and their blasphemous power rankings were correct. He is currently ranked 6 behind Team Medical Tent. This week’s starting lineups I would actually give Josh the slight edge but I think long term Donald is going to take home the best breakfast sandwich in the world. The other gripe I have with ESPN is Albany Fantasy Football team is truly undervalued. Yes we know GT has not inspired his team well this season but the talent on this team will click eventually. I pray for Greg that it is soon but he’s also in my division so I hope I am actually jinxing his ass.

The real mf Power rankings

  1. Kittles and Blitz
  2. Jafar stupidasslongname
  3. Statistically Average Dong
  4. Cum Rivers
  5. Thanks for the Maybacks
  6. Me and Mahomies
  7. Team Medical Tent
  8. Albany Fantasy Football Team
  9. Frank’s suck bags
  10. Steedless Jordan

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