Reich’s Road to Riches: The Results Are In

Victory! The good news I needed on a night where my wife flips heads. What the fuck is that about? Tails never fails except for when this guy calls it on lotto night. Unlike that dreaded coin, I knew I could count on a few things: (1) The Titans scoring; (2) The Titans let others score; and (3) The Seahawks hitting the over. But getting this to week 17 was no sure thing. Year 2 of our little challenge was defined by streaks. Gus opened up 3-0. I ripped off 5 straight. He had another little run but when it mattered most and my back was up against the wall, I came up big winning the final 3 weeks.

I want to thank Gus for being a good sport. Who knows what chores I will need done this weekend but I can be confident Gus will forget the essential ingredients in Jersey and make it up by running beers for me all weekend.

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