2021: Draft Order (with trades reflected)

 Pick 1Pick 2Pick 3Pick 4Pick 5Pick 6Pick 7Pick 8Pick 9Pick 10
Round 1Nick LefflerGTNick ZeglenJordanRyanJoshDon McCannDon EavesJasonKeegan
Round 2Nick LefflerJosh (from Nick Zeglen)Josh (from Jordan)GTDon Eaves (from Ryan)Keegan (from Josh)Don Eaves (from Don McCann)Don EavesJosh (from Jason)Keegan
Round 3Ryan (from Nick Leffler)Nick ZeglenJordanGTRyanJoshDon McCannDon EavesJasonNick Leffler (from Keegan)
Round 4Nick LefflerNick ZeglenJordanGTRyanJoshDon McCannDon EavesJasonKeegan
Round 5Nick LefflerNick ZeglenJordanGTRyanJoshDon McCannDon EavesJasonKeegan

Unfortunately, the colors do not come through here. In 2022, all teams have all their draft picks EXCEPT Jason, who traded his second rounder to Josh (that me).

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