The Bet: Week 3

Week 2 was a week to forget for many of us. The Titans, a key bet for Ryan and I, lost to the god damn Jets and busted both parlays. The only ones happy with that result are Frank, who goaded me into taking a stupid bet, and Gus, who does not have to deal with the Jets being the first ever 0-17 team. Making it worse, now I get to take Frank to a bar in public to watch sports. Yuck. The only silver lining is Frank was 0/4 in predicting what busted the super conservative 13-leg can’t-miss parlay. A recap of last week’s bets are below as well as current standings.

Ryan: $-0.91
Josh: $-20.00

Blockhead Week 2:

  • TEN -8 @ NYJ
  • DET +3 @ CH

Josh Week 2 (conservative parlay):

  • Arkansas @ Georgia, ML
  • Oklahoma, ML @ Kansas State
  • HOU @ BUF -4.5
  • Boston College @ Clemson, ML
  • Duke @ North Carolina, ML
  • Toledo, ML @ Massachusetts
  • Ole Miss @ Alabama, ML
  • Bowling Green @ Kent State, ML
  • UCF, ML @ Navy
  • South Florida @ SMU, ML
  • NYG @ NO -1
  • TEN -2.5 @ NYJ
  • TB -2.5 @ NE

So we are on to week 3 and I am proud to say I have learned something from the first two weeks. First, I am very good at predicting games. I am 14/19 in picking legs for a scorching 73.7% hit rate. Compare that to Ryan’s 1/3 hit rate for a pathetic 33% hit rate and we can see that I am far superior at predicting games even though I am losing this bet in a landslide. Second, 13-legs is too much. I know, I know, this is groundbreaking and no one has ever realized this, but it is true. As a result of 1 and 2, I am keeping the conservative parlays going but splitting up my funds into 2 bets, but both parlays will be under 10-legs. Genius.

Josh Parlay 1 (The guaranteed miss):
Temple @ Cincinatti, ML
Maryland @ Ohio State, ML
Alabama, ML @ Texas A&M
Georgia, ML@ Auburn

$5 bet, profit is $24.20.

Josh Parlay 2 (Cautiously optimistic):

Alabama, ML @ Texas A&M
MIA @ TB -2.5
NE -2.5 @ HOU
GB -3 @ CIN
LAR -2.5 @ SEA

$5 bet, profit is $29.71.

Ryan is taking a different approach and going back to the conservative ways he is relying on.

NYG @ DAL -7

$10 bet, profit is $9.09.

Let’s hope we both win. This is all about getting rich, as gambling should be.

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