Frank’s Power Rankings: Week 6!

Haha! I still haven’t forgotten! Suck it nerds who thought I would!

We are 5 full weeks into the season and the results are in! The most shocking thing we saw so far has been Frank being 5-0 with a league vote of 70%. While some of us disagree (me) lets look at a few other surprises we have seen so far this year.

Pleasant Surprises

  • The Reigning, Defending, Undisputed Champion of the WOOOOORLD Keegan has said “Fuck the Haters!” and ripped off a 4-1 record with the most points in the league! Congrats Keeg, don’t blow it!
  • Cooper Kupp has put on a show this year. He is 3rd in PPG among Flex eligible players, behind only PPR Monster Austin Ekeler and Regular Monster Derrick Henry
  • Possibly the biggest surprise of the season, Cordarelle Patterson came from obscurity to fantasy stardom in the Atlanta Falcons Offense.
  • Our own Sutton to Believe In has secured a 3-2 record after being the presumptive favorite to find his way to the Sacko Bowl, keep and eye on him to fight through injuries for a playoff bid.

Unpleasant Surprises

  • The injury big has bitten the NFL HARD this season. Notable injuries to key fantasy players include CMC, Dalvin Cook, Calvin Ridley, JK Dobbins, George Kittle and more.
  • Jordan has unfortunately been the focus of some key injuries which see him as the most likely candidate to have hair follicles ripped from his flesh in a twisting, jerking motion.
  • Can’t gas Josh up too much, he has failed miserably in his betting competitions, losing an additional bet to me on the side. I think he is likely to only be good at betting OR fantasy. Look for his team to start losing but his pockets to get fatter.

Power Rankings:

  1. Frank’s Process
  2. Blockhead Boys
  3. Kittles and Blitz
  4. Josh Allen IS Vaccinated
  5. New Stove in the Kitchen
  6. Jafarison Jafar
  7. Sutton to Believe In
  8. Albany Fantasy Football Team
  9. Is this my year?
  10. Chalupa Batmans

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