The return of free thinking: jason interview 2

We’re back! Free Thinking has returned for the 2022 Fantasy Football season. We are starting off by re-upping with the governor of the only dynasty the league has known – pun intended. Interview numero dos with Jason! You’re in for a treat with this one.

First question: How have you been since draft weekend?

Hello Donals. I have been good, the preseason games really start to get the fantasy itch going. And you?

I’ve been just dandy. School has started back up so my summer vacation has unfortunately ended. Now you mentioned a case of lost love during draft weekend. Is there a new special someone? Would you like to give him/her/zir a shoutout?

No new someone, still keeping in contact with the last one.

Well I’m glad that you were able to work things out. Will the members of the league be meeting her sometime soon?

Possibly, we’ll see how things go. You all might need to take a beginner course in Spanish first also.

No es necesario para mi. Hablo un pocito. Just glad you’re happy sir. With the NFL season coming up, give me two NFL teams you think will crash and burn, as well as two NFL teams that you think will be sleepers this year.

Not bad amigo. Let me think. Underrated teams, probably the Colts and Vikings. Crash and burn, probably the Browns and Seahawks.

Some interesting selections for crash and burn considering Cleveland’s situation and the fact that Vegas has the Seahawks at O/U 5.5. Nonetheless, on to fantasy football. Similar question. Give me 1 fantasy team you think will crash and burn this year and 1 fantasy team that will be a sleeper this year.

This took awhile. For crash and burn team, I think Ryan’s team will drop off a bit because a lot of his top players are losing some volume this year. For sleeper, I think Josh has built nice depth with his young receivers and young QBs, they simply have to prove themselves at this point.

Wow very interesting. I can get behind the sentiments about Ryan’s team, but I hope Josh is sacko 1000%. Do you believe that to be a possibility at all?

He has a lot of WR depth so it would probably take Lance getting hurt/sucking, along with Ekeler getting hurt/Josh starts the wrong Jaguars RB. Definitely a possibility.

What do you think will happen first: Josh’s first sacko or Josh’s first championship?

Unfortunately, he will probably win a championship first. He has quite some time before he catches up to our ring count though 💍. Do you think Brady can lead your team to a chip this year?

I think I can make a decent run. Championship seems a bit out of reach though even with Brady. Speaking of rings, how does it feel to STILL be our only 3-time champion?

Fantastic, everyone hates me because I got the best bragging rights in the league, I’ve become a villain like the Patriots. My team has been acquiring some young depth over the past few years which may start budding soon, I’m hoping for a short rebuild.

Funny you mention rebuilding, as my next question ties. If you don’t win this year, do you feel like it is time to fully rebuild?

Like I said, my starters have been reliable for awhile so I’ve slowly been stockpiling young replacements in the meantime, such as Aiyuk, Toney, Mooney, Garrett Wilson, Hamler, Collins, Doubs, Palmer, etc, along with soon to not-be-handcuffs like Mattison and AJ Dillon. However, selling Kelce was a big step in focusing more on rebuilding. So I’m already rebuilding to answer your question. If Brevin Jordan gets more volume or Jehlani Woods turns into the freak he has the potential to be, then maybe I could make another run.

Only time will tell how far your depth will take you in the future. Do you feel like championships are becoming less prestigious in our league?

Maybe it seems that way since naturally, as time goes on, more and more rings will be given out so each next ring means less and less in the total ring counts; plus new teams have won recently making the ring club a little crowded. However, winning it all is still a great feeling, especially after years of moves/planning.

Makes sense. But it is fun to be part of an exclusive club – which you and I are as multiple ring holders. One new team with a ring is Kittles and Blitz. With the rise of Don’s dominance in the past couple of years – culminating in a championship last season – do you fear he might take your seat as most dominant team in league history?

You and I are still the only teams with multiple, we have made a lasting legacy, love it. As for Don, his team is great but I hope to bounce back soon enough to interfere with that before it happens.

Last few questions and then we’ll wrap up the interview. Let me get a rundown of your prediction for the final regular season standings?

1) Steve
2) Ryan
3) Don
4) Keegan
5) Nick
6) Josh
7) GT
8) Jason
9) Jordan
10) Donals

Wild disrespect to place me dead last, but I suppose it’s okay since you placed yourself 8th. I won’t hold a grudge (for now at least). Sacko Bowl Prediction. Who’s in it and who becomes this season’s sacko?

I believe you and Jordan will be in it but your team will come in the clutch and hand Sacko a 2nd year of this misery (Editor’s Note: 2nd straight* year of misery. Would be his 3rd one overall.) I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I didn’t want to get into the details of your team.

Oh please dive into the details. I’m sure our readers would love to hear my team dragged through the mud.

It’s fine, maybe I’ll see you in the Sacko, who knows. I’m right there with ya.

I actually wanted to hear your thoughts, but you’re welcome to keep them to yourself. Final question: Championship prediction. Who’ve you got in it and who wins it all?

I think Steve and Don are in the championship and I think Don has the depth to get a 2nd ring in a row.

You heard it here first folks! Jason has Don Eaves going back-to-back like the cover of Lethal Weapon. Thank you for your time sir.

Thank you for the opportunity to interview, I appreciate it, you were a good host.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s wraps up another edition of Free Thinking. If you liked this post, give it a like. If you didn’t, you’re wrong. Piss off. Comments below who you want interviewed for my next edition of Free Thinking and stay tuned for the blog in some amount of time. Eventually. This has been Don Gotti, see you fudgin’ later.

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