Trade for one, Trade for all

Inspired by Greg Salamone

Trade #1: Keegan and Don Eaves

Keegan Gives: Stefon Diggs

Don Gives: DK Metcalf, 2023 Second Round Pick

Why: Keegan is in a tweener phase, he can complete but ultimately needs a few big breaks to capture his second championship. DK’s value has fallen since Russ moved on but he is clearly still a talented player. Don can acquire Diggs and immediately be positioned for back to back chips.

Trade #2: Jason and Ryan

Jason Gives: Zeke Elliott

Ryan Gives: Dameon Pierce, 2024 Second Round Pick

Why: Zeke is aging and it is very evident in his play, Jason should dump him while he has value. Pierce is a high upside dynasty target plus Jason would stockpile picks in the 2024 draft as he is already sitting pretty for 2023.

Trade #3: GT and Donald

GT Gives: Kenneth Walker, 2023 3rd Round Pick

Donald Gives: Aaron Jones

Why: Donald will not be competing any time soon while GT absolutely can compete, even this year with moves. I actually like GT’s WRs this year plus he has an elite TE so if he adds a strong RB he can be a Darkhorse for the chip this year while still rebuilding.

Trade #4: Jason and Josh

Jason Gives: Keenan Allen

Josh Gives: George Pickens, Noah Fant

Why: One year rebuild! Josh has a spot for a WR on his squad that can produce this year and hopefully for the short term. Jason would add young talent on a team that has proven success with WRs and also make a long-term investment at TE that he desperately needs. Josh would likely deny this trade because “Fant is the future” and Jason would deny it because “Keenan is elite”.

Trade #5: Jordan and GT

Jordan Gives: Christian McCaffery

GT Gives: Kenneth Walker, 2023 First Round Pick

Why: Jordan, ya gotta move on big dawg, get value while you can. GT, same shit I said before. Get a legit #1 and he can compete.

Trade #6: Frank and Jason

Frank Gives: Mike Evans

Jason Gives: Later of 2 2023 Firsts, 2023 Third

Why: Mike Evans will be an elite reliable option for the next 3 seasons, him paired with Zeke, Saquon, Keenan could put Jason right back in contention. Jason also has a lot of picks piled up so he can afford to lose one for a WR with Top 5 upside and one of the highest floors in the league.

Trade #7: Steve and Josh

Steve Gives: Matthew Stafford, Michael Gallup

Josh Gives: Christian Kirk

Why: Josh gets his short term guy at QB to give shit ass Lance time to develop. Steve gives up no starters and gets a Flex level WR that can be extremely helpful when Mike Williams is eventually terrible.

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