Frank’s Power Rankings

Week 2

I hope you all enjoyed the The Trade Blog as that was my major contribution this week. I present you this weeks Power Rankings

1. Blockhead – undoubtably the best positioned team in the league

2. Don Eaves – still very good but he will need Joe Mixon and Nick Chubb to carry because his flex players seem to be a bit of a weak point as compared to his past squads

3. Stove – Henry and Lamb will likely right the ship but with Dak out and Mike Williams being ass, it’s possible Stove starts to slip

4. Frank – This spot is only still Frank’s because of 2 things. First being that Trey Lance is hot ass. The second being Tee Higgins possible injury. Watch out for Josh.

5. Josh – If he can somehow find a QB and Michael Thomas can continue to produce, expect Josh to start rising.

6. Keegan – I am aware he outscored Josh but listen to this. Kamara hurt, 0 from Kmet, Mitchell Hurt. Big yikes for Keeg.

7. GT – CEH breakout year!? G will need more from Allen Robinson as he adjusts to his new team. Same from DJ Moore and his new QB.

8. Jafar – his RBs and QBs will keep him in games but the rest? Ass.

9. Donald – not as bad as Gus!

10. Gus – Bad! Like record breaking bad!

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