Frank’s power Rankings

Week 3: by the numbers (so far)

1.) Ryan the Blockhead (2-0) – New week, same name on top of the power rankings. Ryan’s team is simply outplaying everyone else in all facets of the game. He is 1st in PF (315.02), whereas no other player has broken the 300 point threshold. He is also performing with a Top-10 Player in every position except for Flex. For Ryan to hit peak form he will just need to get more from his trusted McLaurin and Pittman to return from injury. No jokes to be made here unfortunately.

2.)Don Eaves (2-0) – Statistically speaking Don actually ranks 4th in the league in PF but I am still a believer. His RB duo of Mixon and Chubb may just be the best tandem in the league and Kupp and Adams may be the best WR duo as well. The biggest question marks come from Mr. Unliiiimited and the TE position, although Higbee and Hock are fine fill ins for Kittle. If DK gets back on track, look out. If he doesn’t, Don may have to look elsewhere (should’ve traded him to me loser).

3.) Frank (1-1) – The only loss coming in Week 1 to the top team in the league, while also putting up the second most points that week. Frank is making waves on the back of his stout WRs and RBs but the biggest shock of the year is his QB play. If Wentz or Tua or BOTH can continue their surge, Frank may be competing for a spot in the finals this year. Mike Evans is innocent and Goodell deserves the death penalty instead.

4.) Steve (1-1) – I for one, am still a believer in Steve’s squad. However, if he wants to compete Derrick Henry and Cee Dee Lamb need to figure it the fuck out. Luckily the emergence of Gabe Davis and the unbelievably consistent play of Travis Kelce and Mahomes is enough to offset the early season slump of Stove’s stars, for now.

T5.) Josh and Keegan (1-1, 2-0) – I truly could not choose here. I almost had both of these teams slotted ahead of Steve but ultimately I believe they are in the same spot at this very second. Josh added a key piece in Stafford, but his PF of 205.46 is not only due to poor quarterback play. Schultz being banged up is the reason for this tie. Keegan on the other hand has been over performing with the third most PF in the league (271.46). Getting Kamara back as well is why I could not put Josh over Keegan at this very second. Next week will be interesting.

7.) GT (1-1) – The numbers tell me to put Greg higher but I don’t know why I can’t. I don’t trust CEH as a player but his use in the passing game could keep him relevant. GT can vault the 3 guys ahead of him with emergence of Breece Hall or Dobbins or Walker but that still remains to be seen. I still think Greg is a year away and apparently Joe Burrow is 2 years behind.

8.) Jason (0-2) – Jason is a scary 0-2 team. Many of his players are big upside guys with low floors. I wouldn’t be surprised if this team dropped the highest single season mark for any team this year. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t break 100 for like 5 straight weeks. We don’t love those odds here at FPR.

9.) Donald (0-2) – Still underrated in my opinion, Don is 7th in PF with 226 and could easily overtake Jason if Thielen could pull his head out of his ass. I quite like Donald’s team and I also think he is cute.

10.) Jordan (0-2) – Braun Mode

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