wasted experts

We are a day late on the blog. I was too busy upholding the law trying to get a car towed from in front of my driveway so I could I park last night. The law has been served and here is the post.

Week 7 Results

RyanLV -7NYJ +3DAL o48.5MIA u453-1
JoshTB -10.5IND +2.5LAC o51DEN u40.52-2
NickBAL -6.5NYJ +3TEN o42.5LAC u511-3
CaitCIN -6.5DET +7JAX o43WAS u41.51-3
GregKC-3NYJ +3BAL o46.5LV u462-2
DonGB -4.5CL E+6.5CAR o39.5TEN u422-2
JasonMIA -7NYG +3JAX o42.5CAR u402-2
KeeganGB -4.5NYG +3MIA o44.5LV u45.51-3
SteveLV -7NYJ +1WAS o41PIT u454-0

Congrats to Steve with the perfect 4-0 week, I hope you submitted those picks in a parlay this week. Betting on New York teams seems to be the hot play so far this season. Sorry if I just jinxed it…. but also not really.

Week 8 Picks

RyanLV -1.5ARI +3.5TB o45.5NO u49.5
JoshCIN -3.5TB +1CLE o47IND u40
NickMIN -3.5WAS +3DAL o42.5DET u51.5
CaitJAX -2.5NYG +3HOU o40.5DET u51.5
GregLV -2NYJ +1.5JAX o39.5CLE u47
DonMIA -3.5NYJ +1.5TB o45LAR u43.5
JasonMIA -7NYG +3JAX o42.5CAR u40
KeeganLAR -1BAL +1.5PHI o43ARI u49
SteveLAR -1.5NYG +3GB o47.5DET u51.5

A lot of love for the Jets and Giants again this week. Let’s see what Danny Dimes and MILF hunter Zach can do, both playing in the underdog position.

Current Standings:

1.) Ryan 16-12
2.) Steve 14-13-1
3.) Nick 13-14-1
4.) Josh 13-14-1
5.) Don 13-15
6.) Keegan 12-16
7.) Jason 11-16-1
8.) Cait 9-18-1
9.) Greg 8-19-1

Yours Truly,


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