Boy it is a good thing I am decent at sports betting because I got absolutely robbed at the casino playing blackjack yesterday. The dealer could only flip tens, seemingly getting 20 or 21 on every hand. Meanwhile I had to hit multiple times just to find myself at 15 or 16. It did not go well, monies were lost, and quickly.

Anyway, were here for sports betting. Nick continues to be on my heels just waiting for me to miss a couple bets to make his move. Josh has quietly found himself back into 3rd place and over the .500 mark. And our race for last place it a hot one between GT and Jason. Let’s see how the team did in week 10.

Week 10 Picks

RyanNYG -4IND + 4.5CHI o48.5MIA u49.53-1
JoshTB -2.5DEN +3BUF o45.5CAR u443-1
NickTEN -2.5ARI +3SF o46.5PIT u41.53-1
CaitNYG -4.5PI T +1.5LAR o41.5CAR u42.54-0
GregMIA -3.5SEA +3TEN o37CAR u42.52-2
DonMIA -3.5MIN +3.5CAR o41.5GB u432-2
JasonDAL -4SEA +2.5SF o45.5TEN u38.51-3
KeeganNYG -4SEA +2.5TEN o38KC u512-2
SteveNO -1.5LAC +7LAR o40.5CHI u48.52-2

Another impressive 4-0 week out of Cait. Good thing one of them can hit their parlays. Teddy won’t have to go hungry when Cait’s around.

Week 11 Picks

RyanPHI -7MIN +1.5GB o41PIT u41
JoshNE -3CHI +3BUF o43GB u41
NickBUF -8.5CHI +3IND o45DEN u41
CaitNYG -3TEN +3.5BUF o41.5ATL u49
GregNE -3.5TEN +3.5PIT o41IND u45
DonNYG -3MIN +1.5ARI o43.5BAL u41.5
JasonPHI -6.5NYJ +3.5ARI o43.5CL E u48.5
KeeganBU F-8.5TEN +3.5DEN o41LAC u52
SteveCI N-3.5LV +2.5ARI o43.5NE u38

Current Standings:

1.) Ryan 24-16
2.) Nick 21-18-1
3.) Josh 20-19-1
4.) Steve 19-20-1
5.) Don 18-22
6.) Cait 17-22-1
7.) Keegan 17-23
8.) Jason 14-25-1
9.) Greg 13-25-2

Good luck have fun – Broke Blockhead

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