You read that right folks, HUGE news out of Philadelphia. The Eagles have placed WR Mike Wallace on Injure Reserve and have signed the absolute STUD that is Jordan Matthews. Let’s get a brief snap shot of Jordan Matthews career.

Matthews is an all time talent. He has played in regular season games for only 2 teams, the Bills (yikes) and the Eagles. The reason he hasn’t been signed this season is simply because he was holding out to compete on an elite roster. You think Matthews wants to waste his time with a Patriots organization that has produced zero quality wide receiver talent this millennium? Not a chance.

If you are unsure of the significance of this signing for the Eagles let me do a quick blind resume comparison for you.

Player 1:

3.96 Catches/Game

Player 2:

4.46 Catches/Game

You would clearly want Player 2 on your squad if you were pushing for a return to the Super Bowl. Of course, Player 2 is Jordan Matthews, but who is Player 1?

Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Lance Alworth

I don’t know about you but Jordan Matthews has already proven he deserves to be enshrined in Canton whenever he decides to hang them up. For now, he is back to dominating the gridiron for the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles and that, should send shivers down Defensive Coordinator’s spines.

Again, HUGE news out of Philly. Long live the GOAT Jordan Matthews.

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