Not Your Father’s Power Rankings Week 5


The injury bug has reared its ugly head once again this week and it cost Keegan a shot at vaulting up the Power Rankings by taking out the Chalupa Batmans.  Instead Jordan walked away victorious and Keegan was left scrambling to figure out whether he should pick up Justin Forsett to fill in for Leonard Fournette and his lack of hamstring.

There were a few surprises to be had this week as well. Josh put up less points than Sacko this week, Don Eaves failed to break 100 points for the first time since week 5 of last season and despite getting thoroughly thrashed by Jason, the When I Cum I Phillip Rivers squad actually COVERED the line which was +44.8 for Ryan’s squad, sounds like a win to me.

Before I give you the complete rankings I will highlight a couple teams and explain their ranking.

Don Eaves

Week 5 Rank: 8

This may seem harsh for someone who was ranked 4th last week but there are a few factors that led to this fall for Don.  First of all, I beat him, that is a TOUGH look for any squad (although I was projected to win AGAIN). Don has also lost Evan Engram, Joe Mixon and Rex Burkhead in recent weeks. While Kyle Rudolph is arguably an upgrade at Tight End, with Leveon Bell out through at least week 8 Don is now tasked with starting a Jets and Packers running back and that, is not a recipe for success.  Will his strong receiving core be able to pull him out of this hole? Who knows. But I know he will have to prove it in order to climb back up the rankings.



Week 5 Rank: 6 

Yes, you read that correctly, I do have Jordan ranked in a playoff position.  Even with Chris Hogan unable to find his groove and Dez Bryant literally not being on a team.  Jordan has found a way to be consistent week in and week out.  While some squads like Don Eaves’ and Keegan’s crews have been up and down, Jordan has been able to stay steady all year and I admire that.  Finding gems in the draft like Ridley as well as Kerryon Johnson has really allowed Jordan’s previously thought to be shitty squad to shock many of us.  So while Jordan’s Points For may not be mind blowing I think he will be able to weather the storm and continue his success.

Below are the complete Week 5 Power Rankings


  1. Jason
  2. Josh
  3. Ryan
  4. Zeglen
  5. GT
  6. Jordan
  7. Don McCann
  8. Don Eaves
  9. Keegan
  10. Leffler



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