Matchup of the Week: Week 5


Chalupa Batmans vs. Bad Kamara


This week’s Matchup of the Week has a few surprises.  First of all it involves the creator of Frank’s Matchup of the Week, myself.  With that being said I will excusing myself from predicting duties this week due to obvious bias (I would vote for Jordan in every category). Introducing the expert pickers for Week 5:



That’s right, this week’s matchup is the addition of an expert from outside of the league.  Our own Rumor Mill Rell will be taking over my duties along with Josh Reich, and Don McCann. So if y’all are gonna complain, please direct your constructive criticism toward these beautiful men.



Josh:  Matt Ryan (Bad Kamara): A-a-ron Rodgers was just dumped for a third rate receiver and a second round pick while Matty Ice has averaged around 40 points over the last three weeks. Not even close for me.

Don:  I got Matty Ice (Bad Kamara) here. Kid’s been slinging the ball to everyone but Julio and I see that continuing against Pittsburgh

Terell: Matt Ryan (Bad Kamara)


Running Back

Josh: McCaffrey and Johnson (Batmans): This comes down to whether Leffler’s team can shake the injury bug for a week. Spoiler alert: they can’t. Chris Thompson gets hurt this week and James White has a so-so week with Edelman coming back to save the Patriots season. Give me McCaffrey who is breaking stereotypes every week. He is a scrappy little guy who is destined to have 12 catches this week. Johnson was also the first lions rusher in the last 4 years to rush for 100 yards so maybe he does it again.

Don: Going with Frank’s (Bad Kamara). I don’t see Kerryon having a repeat performance against GB.

Terell: Kerryon Johnson and Christian McCaffrey (Batmans)


Wide Receiver

Josh: Edelman and Landry (Bad Kamara): Refer to the RB conversation. Edelman will have at least 8 catches and 2 touchdowns while Landry is doing his best to make it look like Keegan didn’t take advantage of Leffler in the stunning trade that took place last year involving star RB Alvin Kamara. While Ridley has been hot I think this week he cools off. Julio wants some touchdowns, Julio will get some this week.

Don: Going Jordo (Batmans) Ridley is the key factor here. Apparently Julio is irrelevant for TDs so Ridley is the Falcon’s go-to.

Terell: Jarvis Landry and Julian Edelman (Bad Kamara)


Tight End

Josh: Ertz (Batmans): This is simple. Ertz is relevant in fantasy in the year 2018 and Jimmy Graham has not been relevant since 2015.

Don: Going Ertz (Batmans)

Terell: Ertz (Batmans) 



Josh:  Jeffery (Bad Kamara): Dude is a stud. Comes back from a serious injury to put up almost 25 points. With another week under his belt and the HUGE signing of Jordan Matthews drawing attention away from Jeffery he is set up for another big week.

Don: Gotta go John Brown (Batmans). Hes played a similar role as Ridley for the Ravens and theyre facing a not so staunch Browns D.

Terell: John Brown (Batmans)


With another close matchup, this one being decided by one point. Our experts have decided that Jordan and the Chalupa Batmans take this one 8-7.  Keep your eyes out for a barn burner.  Roll Mothafuckin Bad Kamara, fuck the Batmans, and thats just unbiased journalism right there.

Come back next week for another big Matchup of the Week.  Peace and Love homies.

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