Guster’s Blunders Week 3: Regrets? Maybe. Quit? Only If Gus Lets Me.

It just feels like one of those weeks already though. AB has to go and be a dumbass and not only screwed up fantasy but also has to go and fuck with the Patriots. The Patriots are tough enough to overcome adversity but my shit squad is going to fold, the coach now has to make decisions again (he fucking sucks at that), and his GM lost a valuable asset that he could have turned into half the Sacko’s team on a good day and only Kamara on a bad day.

While I am complaining, I want to teach people an English lesson. The lesson, is the meaning and usage of “such.” Recently, someone, I won’t name who, said that Corey Davis was “such a good player.” A quality debate ensued about whether Corey Davis was actually “such a good player” when this certain someone decided he would duck responsibility for making such a ridiculous claim. How did he duck this responsibility you ask? He said that all he meant was that Corey Davis was “a good player” and that the other person was ridiculous for thinking that he meant anything else. The question is, who was wrong?

The answer is obvious. “Such,” according to google, means “to so high a degree; so great (often used to emphasize a quality). ‘this material is of such importance that it has a powerful bearing on the case.'” Thus, “such” was meant to emphasize and elevate the quality “good.” And this is obvious. “Such a good player” means something different than “a good player.” What we learned here is words matter, be careful what you say, Corey Davis eats a weak box, and Leffler lost that argument in a resounding fashion.

As you can tell, I am avoiding talking about the actual substance of this column for as long as possible and am lashing out at others (Leffler). I don’t have much to say about last week’s picks. I lost again and it hurt. It hurt a lot. Gus’s recaps were somewhat fair. I would add that the Chargers also had not one, but two touchdowns called back due to questionable penalty calls in addition to two missed field goals, a goal line fumble, and a red zone pick to end the game. I make and believe in excuses, so best believe these two weeks will be remembered when and if I lose this bet.

On to this week. The theme? Risk it. Because fuck it. We are all in on one pick, and one pick only. Why do you ask? As I informed Gus immediately after reading his article, I liked every pick he made. I was hoping he would be foolish and go after some of the ballsier match-ups of the week, like Cincinattini +6 @ Buffalo. But he didn’t, so I am taking my shot.

Texas A&M -3 @ Auburn: Guess who knows jack shit about college football? Me. But Auburn is the 8th ranked team and Texas A&M is 17th. That is it. No more thought went into it. Who has ever heard of upsets in college football anyways…

By the way…

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