Guster’s Blunders Week 11: The Real MVP

Well, last week was a close one. I want to thank Gus’s white steed for being a pal and falling an inch short of handing me a defeat. On top of letting Gus blunder, he also allowed me to get the much needed fantasy win. For that, he gets the prestigious MVP of Week 10. It may be the highlight of his career.

Gus’s stats are eye opening. I suck at college football. For that reason, I will be sticking to the NFL.

TB +6 v. NO: After reading Gus’s article I immediately texted him to let him know I was forced to go with a single challenge and take New Orleans. I think Atlanta could pull off the upset with a healthy Freeman. Without him, it is a coin flip. I like Dallas’ defense and Detroit has been playing surprisingly well, thanks to the bearded wonder that is Matt Patricia so no way I take the over. I also cannot pick against New England (last week was the most tempted I have been). I also cannot justify picking the Chargers after the 3 early losses I incurred in this challenge thanks to Rivers and the crew. Thus, go Brees, Thomas, Kamara, Murray, Cook, Lattimore, and Sean Payton. Who dat.

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