Guster’s Blunders Week 12: Do Your Job

6-5. This was for the people. I like to think everyone roots against Gus, regardless of whether it is true or not, because who cares about facts? We are the type of league where we enjoy others being miserable. I won’t go through the whole list, but think about Zeglen’s Sacko punishment as epitomizing the type of people in this league and what we do to our friends who happen to lose to the other shit squads that can’t make playoffs. In that vein, I have put a spotlight on Gus’ misfortune and raised the stakes and I think you all enjoy this. Rather than just losing his money, he may also have to make me cornbread from scratch, do my laundry, get my beers, and be my chair when I am too tired from standing during a game of corn hole. You are welcome.

The title of this week’s blog is “Do Your Job” and that is what I plan on doing. I decided that I would write this Saturday, rather than my usual quick Friday response, in order to make sure my stupid ass would avoid those college games. This is why you look to the GOAT, Bill Belichick. His unparalleled success is in large part due to his unique ability to not lie to himself, know where his team is weak, and do whatever it takes to win. I will do my best to apply those principles for the next 6 weeks.

Now Gus has actually made some pretty good picks but his “good picks” have backfired all year. I was tempted to pick three games and just play the odds that Gus would beat himself. But, Tom Terrific’s status being up in the air for tomorrow means I am a bit worried about taking the Patriots. I think Gus has nailed the Seattle pick as I have Seattle winning by 4. The Jets cannot be trusted and Oakland is quietly putting together a good season. Being left with the Bills or Chicago puts me in quite a pickle. On one hand, fuck the Bills. On the other hand, Mitch Trubisky. I am going to roll with Chicago because if I have to root for the Bills to win and I lose the challenge I would never forgive myself.

NYG +6.5 @ CHI: Go Mack.

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