Guster’s Blunders Week 13: Trolling

Well fuck the zebras who let this competition get to 6-6. Also fuck Wilkins, you all know why. I will be only picking one game to challenge this week. That game is the Saints. For fun though, and in the spirit of showing Gus sucks. I will also let it be known that I strongly considered challenging 3. However, I just think I need to ride the Saints for as long as Gus hates the Saints.

My Only Challenge

ATL +7 v. NO: I trust the Saints with my fate.

If I were to challenge 3, I would have also challenged the following 2 picks. I am not picking these, these are not challenges. Don’t be dumb.

Under 41.5 NYJ @ CIN: If AJ Green does not play I do not see them going over.

IND -2.5 v. TEN: I trust nothing.

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