Frank’s Power Rankings

Presented by: The TB12 Method

What a wild off-season it has been! The Bills and Titans are *supposed* to be good, Tom Brady, Gronk and Leonard Fournette are teaming up in Tampa Bay, and Keegan still doesn’t use his first round picks. So I guess not everything is different.

With the first week of the COVID season upon us, what better way to celebrate than to rank each team and make assumptions about hundreds of players who we haven’t even seen in pre-season games? Nothing about this years Week 1 Power Rankings is opinion based. All rankings are cold-hard fact that cannot be disputed so don’t even try.

Thank you for your continued support and shout out to all of our loyal readers who continuously make the mistake of coming back to read our incoherent garbage. Good luck this season!


1.Don Eaves (Kittles and Blitz) – What can I say that Fantasy Pros hasn’t already? This team is reminisent of the Jafar teams of old. A power house with top end talent and depth (that he insists on trading away). The aquisition of Greg Kittle has left no doubt that Don is the team to beat. If he happens to come up short it would be an utter disgrace and quite possibly the worst Fantasy Football showing in the history of the made up game.

2. Nick Zeglen (Me and Mahomies) – How did this idiot somehow get the Sacko last year? With Saquon and Henry at RB and Gallup and AJ Brown poised for breakout seasons at WR it is conceivable that Zeglen goes from worst to first. The biggest question mark when it comes to this storied franchise is management. Often times other GM’s hear not a peep from Zeglen throughout an entire season. If he doesn’t start wheeling and dealing he may miss out on the missing piece of the puzzle. The biggest boom or bust candidate on our list but his Week 1 starters are a scary sight for any opposing squad.

3. Jason Feuer (Jafarison-Lamar) – I called it 2 years ago. I said Jason is going to suck in 3 years. My math tells me that this will be Jason’s last season of success. He still has some good to great top end talent but he has rested on his laurels too much and will need to make serious moves to compete beyond this season. But I digress, Jason is still a contender and a strong one at that. I strongly considered him at 2 but I think his lack of attention lately could cost him. Too many MILFs on the mind could be Jason’s downfall.

4. Josh Reich (OJ’s Parole Board) – I had a tough time placing Josh. I could easily see him anywhere from 2 to 5. Can Ben’s return be the final ingredient in the Josh Championship stew? Will it be hearty enough for him? All questions that will be answered this season. As the Steelers go, so does Reich, for that reason I put him at 4.

5. GT Salamone (Albany Fantasy Football Team) – Greg’s seasons are always a rollercoaster of emotions. Which one of his players will retire before Week 1 this year? If the answer is none then GT will be in the mix for a playoff spot this year. I am a Daniel Jones believer when it comes to fantasy. He is an underrated runner and he is placed with a bunch of skill players that when at their best are top 10 fantasy producers at their position. Hopefully TY can stay healthy and be that consistency that GT needs to weather the storm and compete for a Naomi this year.

6. Don McCann (Grandma They Freed Me) – With the recent addition of Leveon, Fournette and Engram, Donald has flipped his expectations from bottom 2 to a playoff contender. While he is gambling on Le’Veon bouncing back as well as one of his guys having control of the Tampa backfield, his team does present some risks. Le’Veon could stink, Tampa could throw 50 times a game, Aaron Jones could be fantasy forgotten once again. If all goes well Donald could fight for a first round bye, but he could also be in contention for a Sacko if things break the wrong way.

7. Jordan Marchfeld (Chalupa Batmans) – Jordan has the most dominant fantasy player that we have ever seen. With that being said, his team gives me some cause for concern. Kerryon could be obsolete by week 8 and beyond that Jordan’s running backs are weak. He has decent receivers but no one that can put up league leading weeks. His only chance at playoffs is a repeat record breaking season from his White Steed. God Speed.

8. The Keegan (Allen the Family) – Much like Jordan, Keegan has a running back crew that would make any fantasy owner nervous. Kamara, seemingly a lock for another top 10 season, may now hold out or at least have reduced reps due to injury. Ingram now has to fend off a hungry rookie and beyond that he has Zack Moss. I do like Keegan’s receivers a lot but who doesn’t have a couple studs at wideout? If Josh Allen doesn’t carry him then it will be another year of maid outfits at the draft for young Keeg.

9. Blocky (The Cum Rivers) – This guy should probably hit Keegan or Don Eaves up for a WR or three. Solid RB play will net Ryan a couple wins but unless Chris Carson is the next coming of Jesus Christ himself, expect this to be a rebuild year for Ry Guy. If he makes a deal for some players though look out, he could not suck maybe.

10. Frank (Franks Firesale) – A non-Sacko campaign would be a huge W. Opposite of Zeglen he may go from a bye to winless this year. Shame.

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