Reich’s Guide to Riches: Week 1

You may have heard, but Gus thought that last year was a fluke and I had the advantage and all that nonsense, so this year it is the same game but I am making the picks and Gus is challenging them. Same rules as last year, I will make no less than 5 picks, Gus must challenge at least 1. If Gus is correct on a majority of his challenged picks, he gets a point. If not, the point is mine. In the event of a tie, the point gets pushed to the next week. Loser does the winners’ bidding at the following draft. Per Gus’ precedent, the loser may be whiny and avoid some of the duties by doing such whining. Let’s move on to a quick overview of my beliefs to instill confidence in you all followed by my picks for the week and we will finish with Cait’s Can’t Miss Parlays, which will be provided at the end of the column. She may not follow football, know anyone’s names, or bet her own money, but she does somehow win. Gus may not challenge her picks for purposes of our bet.

My general rules when it comes to gambling are as follows:

  1. Spreads of under 3 are essentially money line. Take your favorite team and don’t look back.
  2. Double digit spreads are to be avoided in all but the rarest of situations.
  3. Don’t bet on the bills. I have seen the disappointment in their fans’ eyes and I do not want to share in said disappointment.
  4. Week 1 is a crap shoot. Alas, I have no choice here so I will follow rules 1-3 but am going favorites down the board.

There Is one special COVID rule . When there is less than full capacity, the game is essentially neutral site. Do not be scared of Arrowhead or Seattle, the fans are gone. Be scared of Mahomes and Wilson, they have not left.

Final note, I am putting my money where my mouth is. I am betting $5 per pick, and doing a parlay, typically of at least 3 but up to all 5 of my picks.

Reich’s Week 1 Picks:

  1. CHI @ DET -3
  2. SEA -1.5 @ ATL
  3. GB @ MIN -2.5
  4. DAL -3 @ LAR
  5. PIT -5.5 @ NYG

Cait’s Can’t Miss Parlay

  1. SEA -1.5 @ ATL
  2. GB @ MIN -2.5
  3. LAC -3.5 @ CIN

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