Frank’s Power Rankings

Week 4: Everyone is D-E-D

It only took 3 Weeks for the grim reaper to rear his ugly head. Important, game-changing players like Sterling Shepard, Travis Homer and Jalen Guyton all went on IR this week.

This is the first week that there is significant movement in some of the teams in our prestigious WTFFL. Without further adieu, I present the Week 4 Power Rankings.

1.) Ryan (No. 1 Last Week) – No movement here even with a poor showing from Justin Jefferson, Jonathan Taylor and Darren Waller. Weeks like this will happen but they will be few and far between.

2.) Stove (No. 4 Last Week) – I had to give Steve the #2 spot here because of his head-to-head matchup with Don Last Week. It was dubbed the Matchup of the week by Josh and for that reason, I must give Steve the bump. Derrick Henry looked great which is a huge positive for Steve.

3.) Don Eaves (No. 2 Last Week) – Davante Adams, Cooper Kupp, Joe Mixon, Nick Chubb. Need I say more? Don has possibly the best top end talent in the league. Too bad he traded away Wentz and Tua!

4.) Josh (No. T5 Last Week) – Another coin flip last week that was determined by the results of their games. Josh outscored Keegan H2H so I have to give it to Josh. Tee Higgins is unbelievable, hopefully he can stay healthy. I do expect Njoku to be a complete fallacy however.

5.) Keegan (No. T5 Last Week) – A dangerous squad with an high ceiling but similar to Donald’s team in the past, Keegan will go as the Bills go and if they don’t fire back with a big performance he may pull out the panic button

6.) Frank (No. 3 Last Week) – What can I say? Everyone has died. Luckily I have handcuffs but still major blows to my squad. I am sad and you should be too.

7.) Greg (No. 7 Last Week) – Another week where I just can’t vault Greg up even though he deserves it. Do I think his team is better than Keegans? Yes. Do I need DJ Moore to show me something before the Power Rankings reflect that? Also yes. Better days are coming for G.

8.) Jafar (No. 8 Last Week) – Jafar is another one who is improving but I currently have Garrett Wilson in my flex spot in a 14 team league. That should indicate how good Jason’s receivers are. (Hint: they are bad).

9.) Donald (No. 9 Last Week) – There is a world where Jason, Donald and GT vault myself, Josh and Keegan. It isn’t this week but it may happen at some point. If Brady can rekindle the magic he was making when Giselle was boning him on the regular and his family wasn’t falling apart faster than cotton candy in water, Donald still has a chance. P.S. Trade me Deebo.

10. Jordan (No 10. Last Week) – Most points against and least points for. Get rolled kid.

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